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Take an examination of three-year institution of higher learning 2 years oneself
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Student old Xx, beijing combines an university to take an examination of record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning high oneself, computer major, experience works 2 years related IT. Other studies abroad intermediary gives out study abroad plan is: Undergraduate course 2 years of Masters 1 year. Via classmate introduction, old Xx comes to China 4 amount to, we combine study setting of the student and working experience, after just undertaking be communicationed adequately with Australian school, file the opportunity that this credit of derate of famous brand university, large reads repeatedly successfully for old Xx, need 2 years to be able to obtain undergraduate course and Master at the same time only two degree. Case analysis: The structure of the disposition feature that is aimed at a student, professional setting, specific course, and him student working setting, the working experience with our old basis, for its make choice of royal Melbourne manages the IT of work college is professional. Grain industry college ranks royal Melbourne integratedly before be located in the whole world 100 strong, its IT major is very strong. After fastening a director to be communicated directly with the school, we apply for to join chrestomathy division last years to derate credit for old Xx, read a Master one year repeatedly. Such students shortened already study time, obtain undergraduate course and Master at the same time two degree, obtain the result of get twice the result with half the effort. Old Xx is in a week obtained royal Melbourne successfully the admission notice of grain industry college, already read in the university now. 4 amount to study abroad · Australia seeks advice from advisory Lv Dongling