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The 43rd back cover of 8 years amounts to a student to study abroad incoming let
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China 4 amount to a student studying abroad: Hold Da

Read a school: Gorge 螹 IBT

Incoming letter content:

I am Lin Dawei (went to last year in August bay study abroad) , I suit basically already in the study life of Melbourne now. At the outset 5 weeks of fine long hair of the language the past that does not have be concerned about, graduation moment still was taken an examination of 80 much. I had ended in the first semester of MIBT now, 4 course obtained a HD (HIGH DISTICTION) , 2 D(DISTICTION) and a CR(CREDIT) . Of HD is statistic, lowermost MARKETING just 60 much.

I did not work during study, but I do not have at a loose end in holiday, looked for the working $13/hr of a cleaner, to the first labour already very tall, 2 weeks short I earned $800, this is earn one's own living of first time of this all one's life, quite successful of feeling ha.

My job won't affect study, because I hit 2 weeks only. It is short-term labour, after nevertheless they say, possible still meeting calls me, I feel I am very lucky.

I live now be in and DEAKIN is same a house on the road in, $500/month. The room looks suddenly very clean, have a lot of ant actually, summer is ventilated and bad. The housing condition of a lot of classmates that had compared me nevertheless is good much.

At present I am progressing actively, next semester strive for all HD. I am thanked very much 4 amount to just was helped to what give when Australia in me and support, should thank later period to serve a teacher particularly.