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Annual after achievement of the university entrance exam comes out, very much Gao Sanxue gives birth to those who began to study abroad to consult the job. These students choose to go Australia studies abroad each are purposeful, because achievement of the university entrance exam is not ideal,having a few is, cannot go to oneself good school; Because be interested in Australian individual major,having a few is, wait like dietetics; Having a few was to value Australian land settlement policy; Still having a few people is to plan to serve as gangplank with Australia, turn into the country such as British United States to have Master study in the future. Graceful graceful is among them one of, because pressure of the university entrance exam is enormous, she original achievement is very good, took an examination of a three-year institution of higher learning only unexpectedly. The learning environment of three-year institution of higher learning is very confused, term begins 2 months did not acquire what thing at all, study enthusiasm drops apparently. Academic and aspirant graceful graceful feels to go down so very wasteful time, mix then discuss to decide to go in the home Australia studies abroad. The aunt of graceful graceful lives in Australia, so graceful graceful has very intimate knowledge to Australia as a child, be opposite in the home Australian education also very approbate. Graceful graceful grooms in what Beijing attended a language class, preparative pass an entrance examination is elegant this. But still lack from beginning to end to Australian understanding, choose to major all the time in the home very confused. She learns English at the same time, refer professional question at the same time. The teachers of 4 the Song Dynasty that amount to did disposition to evaluate for her, professional evaluation, the graceful that it is graceful was designed personally study abroad plan. As a result of honest and frank of graceful graceful disposition, serious, meticulous, parents has the business, hope she can learn financial knowledge very much. Teacher of the Song Dynasty designed IBT course of Ansibaili for her, add Fulindesi's bank and finance, deputy repair an accountant. Fulindesi's finance learns to there is name very much in Australia, plus the accountant it is emigrant major, such studying abroad plan satisfied graceful graceful to be opposite already love professionally, also satisfied emigrant requirement. The judgement with graceful graceful and accurate to teacher of the Song Dynasty family and professional to Australia understanding express very approbate and admire. Forge iron should take the advantage of heat, graceful graceful is main the task is to learn English well, 4 amount to begin to prepare material to apply for the school for her. Graceful graceful is ambitious child pass an entrance examination elegant this 6 minutes, more delectable is in visa guidance the guidance of teacher poplar teacher issued graceful graceful 2 days to obtain visa. Broke 4 amount to since electronic visa since beginning 7 days of records that obtain an autograph. From graceful graceful application school arrives the time that won visa to use 2 months only, his family is helped to ours very approbate and speak favorably of. This case hints we: Play of a lot of students in the university entrance exam is wrong, did not check the school that enters him ideal, but do not do not have on behalf of the student other better choice. Abroad studies abroad can obtain efficient educational concept, advanced education establishment. 4 amount to a proposal tall 3 students and parent, study abroad cannot blind, should choose appropriate oneself country and school, major is crucial. The obtain employment that this is concerning to will come and development foreground. 4 amount to act on study abroad program, design the concept of life, for the new line of life of every student open up! We get on professional guidance and help in student visa in the meantime, not only put an end to refus autograph, and accelerate the time that catch a lot, achieved 2 days of breathtaking rate that achieve visa.

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