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5 high school give birth to insular city " nonstop " Australia name school
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"I basically already did not attend class, basically take an examination of now frame according to. " yesterday, qingdao the 19th in the one face when Gao Sanxue gives birth to Li Yu to accept a reporter to interview is relaxed. He and 4 Australia VCE that the classmate attended to be equivalent to Chinese the university entrance exam take an exam, obtained the admission notice of many famous university of local. Still be in in other classmate immerse oneself in for the university entrance exam when fighting bravely, they already were in however get ready luggage prepares to begin an undergraduate to live. Zhang Qingjun: Think of the university on England " skip a grade " 19 medium Zhang Qingjun is renown of one mind wants to become " law politics beautifuls woman " student, he has taken Australia the admission notice of 4 renown school, but he is willing to go to England reading an university more, better than Australia because of legal education of England, "If can pass Du Lun smoothly of the university admit, I am skip a grade to go to England reading an university. " Zhang Qingjun tells a reporter, she of admission notice of hold Australia university, had applied for an university directly permissibly, but whether be in through legal major complete flower rank the Du Lun university of the 5th admit, zhang Qingjun still is expecting in. A magic weapon that Zhang Qingjun says her score a success is he never regards study as burden, although everyday morning and evening studies by oneself in scheduled time, he can regard English data as newspaper will read. Li Peng: Learn biology project to France Before achievement of Li Peng VCE ranks complete Australia 200, because this obtained Melbourne university, Australia,state-maintained the admission notice of 5 universities such as university, Mai Kaorui university. But the Li Peng that of one mind thinks student content project is professional more favour France university, accordingly he applied for what to face the chinese mainland recruit students, France bitter fleabane that uses English teacher and student exclusively university of much more made of baked clay at present. Li Peng tells a reporter, french university approbates Australian education quite, because advice note of university of these 5 Australia makes him successful,took French bitter fleabane the admission notice of university of much more made of baked clay at present. Li Peng's English is better, he thinks to learn English to must carry a few classical articles on the back more. Tian Xiang: At least takes a doctor's degree At the beginning of this month, tian Xiang of 18 years old eventually when the admission notice of Melbourne university, he has been state-maintaineded by Australia before this a few universities such as university of university, A Delai heart are admitted, but the finance and economics that he thinks to those who read still is Melbourne university most is professional. The reason that Tian Xiang says to he chooses foreign college is to like their comfortable system, his target is at least takes a doctor's degree, in learned make a contribution somewhat. "About learning recipe, without what special also, want to hear the teacher's word namely, english should grow an exercise. " Tian Xiang says.
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