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Tall 3 reading a student to study abroad of Australia plan, go abroad after the
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2006 after the university entrance exam, very much Gao Sanxue gives birth to those who began to study abroad to consult the job. These students choose to go Australia studies abroad each are purposeful, because achievement of the university entrance exam is not ideal,having a few is, cannot go to oneself good school; Because be interested in Australian individual major,having a few is, wait like dietetics; Having a few was to value Australian land settlement policy; Still having a few people is to plan to serve as gangplank with Australia, turn into the country such as British United States to have Master study in the future. Gao Sanxue is unripe want to study abroad Australia, the effort that needs to join intermediary company, parent and him student just can come true smoothly. The first, study abroad the program of plan, include the option of major and school, city. This job can interact in what seek advice solve in the environment, him student also should be participated in come in this job, this also is the initiative consideration that stems from the study that the student will come to, after all, plan is the word that he decides, they can have enthusiasm to be in this process more. Of course, the parent understanding to the child, and the working setting of the parent and domestic background choice that can affect plan. As to intermediary company, advisory oneself abroad study and experience of life, the experience of case is summed up and analyse before etc, can help student and the program that the parent chooses to suit; The 2nd, elegant consider success offer. Because high school student goes,Australia belongs to category of 573 kinds of visa, must want to offer elegant the success that considers 6 minutes just can be dealt with. As a result of elegant think of an exam to watch hard of hearing, say, read, the capability that keeps whole side, chinese student must pass a system groom the requirement of enter a school that course just can achieve corresponding university. Basically should achieve so elegant think of 5 minutes (the lowest of visa asks) achievement, the student wants those who pass a month to groom, next him basis is elegant those who consider success more or less to match courses of Australia university language; The 3rd, the operation of visa, of parent of this job need cooperate energetically. The preparation of Australian visa material is more complex, assure to economy especially and the material of the respect such as belongings proof, ask more strictly, because this parent should give the child ready-made ahead of schedule. Above circumstance can see, tall the student of 3 graduation is elegant think of study to groom and pass an exam, need the time that 2 months influence commonly; Conduction visa needs 1.5 months commonly (the time that 4 months influence common visa) ; If elegant the English that thinks of achievement not to accord with the requirement of the university to want on 2.5 months, so, also want those who be in the 2nd year the earliest to just can be entered Feburary commonly read Australia university. Friendship clew: The first, study abroad in the choice country when, the study condition that suggests to consider him student integratedly, the life provides for oneself ability, language environment, educational system of the country and quality, charge, the element such as immigrant undertakes choosing; The 2nd, go the student of Australia chrestomathy division, the largest dominant position is professional choice respect, the course of a lot of hi-tech content is opened to the undergraduate students merely. For example, medicine, dentist, law, the course such as healthy science. Foundation of interest of the study ability that him tie wants when the student chooses major, interest, English will consider integratedly, the opinion with him student should include the parent consideration range at the same time; The 3rd, the selection goes the student of Australia chrestomathy division, not only the fame of the university that should consider to want to be read and major lose by force, the problem of even mature time and charge. Because Australian education system and China have certain distinction, tall 3 graduate student goes Australia study has different plan choice, time and expenditure also have accordingly very big different, suggest to consider cautiously.

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