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Bay student of new straight have transport service 3 months time is elegant thin
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Student Zhang Mou, high school graduated in July 2006. Achievement of the university entrance exam is not special ideal, the parent plans to send the child to go abroad study abroad. But, this unripe English foundation is more fragile, the English when the university entrance exam fails. Come 4 when amounting to a company, the parent's afraid problem has two sides: The first, child English instability, the promotion inside short time arrives hear freely, elegant the level that considers pass a barrier is not very easy; The 2nd, study condition of the child is poorer, domestic friend is more, confusion is more also. Course and my company seek advice from the teacher's communication, decided for the child study abroad the plan that two paces take: The first, into travel by a definite date to New Zealand the language of 6 months grooms. The purpose has 3, it is short-term inside take appropriate elegant consider success, can let the child have university study to Australia as soon as possible; 2 it is to exercise the life to provide for oneself ability and the suiting that live to abroad ability; 3 it is skill of comprehensive promotion English, it is the mastery of a skill or technique that should try English to take an exam not just, hear of however read write all-around skill promotion. The 2nd, have the study of undergraduate course degree to Australia. When the choice is professional, the professional foundation of the interest interest of the working setting of the economic actual strength of mature excellent front courtyard, parents, child and child, decided the relevant major such as oil, mining for its. Because child parents is the staff member of oil system, in child obtain employment when can provide support for its. Additional, these professional itself also are Australian in short supply profession, immigrant is relatively easy. After major is affirmatory, the college of science and technology of branch the seat of a monarchical government that chose to make a contribution somewhat in this professional domain for the child. Passed mere the study of 3 months, the student had been achieved at present elegant the success that considers 5 minutes. Introduce according to him student, the language study in New Zealand is more successful, lodging family also chooses well. Study condition of the student had adjusted groove now, australian to future study was full of confidence.