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Tall 3 reading a student to study abroad one of Australia plan
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Student Liu Mou, the share is high in July 2006 3 graduation, my company will seek advice before study abroad Australia matters concerned. In understood a student integratedly to learn the basics such as condition of economy of condition, the gift of tongues, family currently over, recommended Xin Nawei for the student Er person university the study program of 8 months preparatory, xin Nawei is read continuously later degree of engineering of undergraduate course of Er person university. Provide gymnastics to make a field, because Gao Sanxue is born to basically want to was controlled June,ability can take high school diploma, and the language of left and right sides of a month learns the ongoing travel by a definite date that the student also holds to September preparatory terms begins, when dealing with visa so, time is very pressing. China 4 amount to the case that heard this student April, took the advice note of enter a school that preparatory of Er person university mixes Xin Nawei 4 years of undergraduate course within 1 week time, what offerred 5.5 minutes in the student is elegant after considering success, at the 1 assistance inside week the student completed a few works, if distribute language advice note, collect tuition, ask for COE to wait, handed over visa on July 5, 2006, obtained visa on August 7, read course of language straight go up at was being entered on August 21, 2006 by original plan. In passed by a definite date after 5 weeks language study, student in Xin Nawei the preparatory of Er person learns very successful, achievement also is be among the best of candidates inside class. When holiday goes back to the motherland, student and parent still arrive personally 4 amount to feedback oneself study and life result, expressed to thank to our job. This case hints we: Gao Sanxue's raw operation, the program of time is the most serious problem. After if can allow a student,taking testimony of high school graduation, join smoothly Australia university, enter reading preparatory course is the problem that exert oneself of advisory company need solves, of course this process also needs the parent cooperate energetically. 4 amount to a proposal tall 3 students and parent, if the intent that study abroad goes abroad very clearly after the university entrance exam, can be after the unified exam, specific aim ground shifts the emphasis English study respect, the system undertakes elegant think of groom, take as soon as possible those who accord with a requirement is elegant consider success, such ability make sure the student catchs the opening time of Australia university as scheduled likely.