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16 days are taken enlighten agree university advice note wins 30 thousand yuan o
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China 4 amount to a studentAtYoung lady, 2 grade are reading domestic average college, apply for beforehand enlighten agree college business learns undergraduate course course, after application 16 days win school admission notice.

Advisory adviser had finished domestic college considering him student the study of one grade, result is favorable, and individual English achievement also is highlighted quite, use enlighten agree the policy of university fellowship, offerred the application of fellowship for this student. After providing a series of data that file fellowship place need to the school, enlighten agree the university agrees to extend for this student the fellowship that total value is 30 thousand yuan of RMB.

The clew of this case is: Abroad is division of liberal art, business kind the opportunity that the student offers scholarship is not very much, but, want the fellowship policy of careful research school only, and had been done for the student arrive from learning a series of proof material of working experience respect, organic still meeting wins scholarship.