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Harbor school attracts Guangzhou examinee  abroad go to school fee schedule
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The reporter investigates 3 big factors to attract Guangzhou examinee 

Two recruit students that hold at Guangzhou in Hong Kong university and university of Hong Kong Chinese seek advice on the meeting, the reporter understands, although go to Hong Kong studying abroad charge house is tall, but the wish that can be being admitted by the university of Hong Kong still is a lot of parents and examinee.

Reporter investigation is informed, mr Wu that accompanies a son to attend advisory meeting tells a reporter: "Hong Kong college attracts a few our advantages to depend on, above all the education kind that they often take internationalization, curricular content pays attention to practice quite again, education effect will be better; Next, read organic meeting to have a field trip in Hong Kong enterprise in Hong Kong, graduation hind is hopeful in the future job leaving port; The 3rd, study abroad together abroad photograph is compared, study abroad the charge of Hong Kong is inferior, and it is a Chinese, the difference on culture and habits and customs won't be too big, the child answers Guangzhou or be the parent goes Hong Kong visitting the child to go to the lavatory quite. The child answers Guangzhou or be the parent goes Hong Kong visitting the child to go to the lavatory quite..

Abroad go to school fee schedule

National / area leaves tuition to use

 of Chinese Hong Kong

● tuition: 60 thousand ~ 80 thousand / year

● living cost: 50 thousand ~ 80 thousand / year

● remarks: The university that there is partial entrant the first year to need to cooperate in inland in Hong Kong reads a year, tuition is commonly 40 thousand the left and right sides


● tuition: 90 thousand ~ 130 thousand / year

● living cost: 50 thousand ~ 70 thousand / year

● assures gold: 500 thousand above


● tuition: 10 thousand ~ 30 thousand / year  government school has fellowship  , 60 thousand above is annual  private school 

● living cost: 30 thousand ~ 40 thousand / year

● assures gold: Public school does not ask, private school wants  of above of 150 thousand RMB to not have put period requirement 

● remarks: Into read governmental institution of higher learning, set a variety of fellowship, reach the stipend that is as high as 80% , it is after the study that writes a term, can apply for to work, make a part-time job (every week 16 hours work legally)

The United States

● tuition: 40 thousand ~ 360 thousand / year

● living cost: 32 thousand ~ 80 thousand / year. To most school character, one year expenditure is in 150 thousand ~ 250 thousand / year

● assures gold: 800 thousand  of 300 thousand ~ is not had put period requirement 


● tuition: 85 thousand ~ 150 thousand / year

● living cost: 70 thousand ~ 100 thousand / year
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