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Go abroad study abroad to change a habit first
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To Chinese student, go abroad study abroad, since learns advanced knowledge, be oneself quality more is farther rise, include immanent self-restraint, the ways one gets along with others to wait.

Chinese student goes abroad the following respects should note after studying abroad.

■ do not make a racket in communal circumstance. The foreigner is taught as a child, communal circumstance can not make a racket absolutely, this is the courtesy of at least.

■ do not regard the dormitory as club. A few student studying abroads hire the house that come to regard as oneself " " , hu Peng calls out friend, loudly roaring. If carelessly, with respect to meeting influence other rests normally, cause neighborhood dispute thereby.

■ not youthful vital energy is filled. The Chinese student with some advantageous family circumstances likes to parade one's wealth, move easily " my home is in China how... " , " my pa is... " academic. Want to know, talk by individual ability completely in abroad, the children of president of curule, company is in the government the instance that cafeteria, gas station works is very widespread.

■ do not want practise fraud. Boast of student of a few China some " petty trick " , classwork asks person generation to do, borrowed on paper net. This most no good, be in abroad, sincere letter is the mainest individual character, once break one's promise at the person, will lose existent space.