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You Xuexin adds ABC of the preparation before slope goes
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Study abroad by division of news morning paper, Shanghai teaching limited company holds jointly " morning paper swims city of lion of glamour learning · " activity, before the course paragraph after the preparation with intense time, the first batch of You Xuetuan will set out formally on July 3.

So, before the You Xuehang Cheng that sets foot on Singapore, what preparation work has need done? The knowledge of what Singapore must you understand? The reporter is special interviewed religion division study abroad service limited company the chief Zhong Hua of this project, the reader that learns to prepare to swim to Singapore one by one analytic.

Necessary article

■ Singapore is located in equator, often belonged to monsoon in July, average air temperature is controlled in 28-33 Celsius, the summertime dress that needs 7 days only so can. Swimming between semester, because the match activity of a few antagonism planned in whole technological process, swim consequently learn personnel to need to prepare an a T-shirt, knickers and a pair of sneaker each.

■ the voltage of Singapore is 220V, as home, but the electrical outlet of Singapore is distinguished somewhat with home, first-rate job is preemptive good an electrical outlet converter.

■ the student apartment of Singapore does not have preliminary rinse things. Because this student needs the appliance washing gargle such as towel of provide for oneself, soap, tooth brush, toothpaste.

■ if the student has need can provide for oneself is commonly used medicines and chemical reagents (wait for blame prescription drug like patulin) belt go up in the body in order to have untimely needs.

■ the assimilation to assure course, the student can take things of jotter, stationery and recording pen, MP3 oneself, wait for digital product. The article of the and so on such as a few heavier English-Chinese dictionaries, the proposal need not be taken.

■ the baggage that him student carries had better not exceed 5 kilograms, consign baggage to had better not exceed 20 kilograms (international airliner sets) .

■ airliner (toward) : SQ815, takeoff time 8: 45, all swimming learn personnel to need to was controlled at 6 o'clock reach Pudong airport, 6: 15 board the plane in Singapore airline place gather. Airliner (return) : SQ836, shanghai Pudong airport 22: 15 arrive. First-rate baggage prepares: An OK and dilatory boot (consign) , an a small double shoulder parcel, pocket.

Communication establishment

Because the mobile phone of Singapore is of GMS. Domestic mobile phone arrived after Singapore, should buy a kind in place only temporarily card can, get stuck temporarily 18 new yuan, can hit toward home long-distance a lot of minute. In Singapore, a lot of convenience inn have a sale, swim learn personnel to want to be registered by the passport only can. Before go abroad, do not need to make any preparation.

The money is changed
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