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How to choose to study abroad intermediary?
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Tell from macroscopical angle, study abroad the significant service step that intermediary is communication of culture of stimulative China and foreign countries and progress of our country society. Accordingly, we need to study abroad intermediary, what need an alternative is serious responsible study abroad legally intermediary. How discern and choose to study abroad well intermediary, it is to prepare to go abroad at one's own expenses the problem that the student that study abroad and parents care most. For this, this period special invite go abroad with bay border study abroad the professional personage that for the Shanghai of the brand business bay international teachs communication limited company goes abroad to want to choose the parent that study abroad and student raised a few proposal.

It is the person that intermediary orgnaization or application study abroad without giving thought to at present, walked out of the error that study abroad already basically. Study abroad now the business of intermediary industry is ceaseless and outspread, target or student should learn to be used somewhat. If want a series of outspread is opposite to learn to be told natively,be the service that content exceeds a value, so intermediary orgnaization is about to have specialization level and personalized service.

■ specialization level and personalized service

Specialization level and personalized service requirement study abroad intermediary should have very strong sense of responsibility. This is the industry that a special individuation serves, cannot resemble wholesale electric equipment same, decided 10 quota of people with some school, go out lane of 10 quota of people with respect to ground of leave no stone unturned. Because the domestic background of every student is different, personal growth environment is different, need make the best use of the circumstances.

One study abroad well intermediary orgnaization should resemble is division of program of a life, for instance bay border is in study abroad the industry takes the lead in to study abroad personnel carries out 1:8Type expert group serves, integrated the advantage of each respect, to study abroad applicant is offerred more professional more overall service. In study abroad in the process, applicant can encounter the problem that concerns with the bank, bay border can arrange a student studying abroad to be in the office of business bay to undertake communication with the expert of the bank directly, so-called technique line of business has specialize in, bay border understands the resource of orgnaization itself is finite deeply, so bay border goes abroad study abroad obtained " unit of 3.15 credit attestation " title.

■ study abroad seek advice with study abroad program

This is whole study abroad the first pace of the process, also be crucial one step. Go abroad like bay border study abroad such major studies abroad the foreign school natural resources that serves an orgnaization to have each arrangement, accumulated many case to apply for experience, professional advisory team is in charge of and foreign school contact with, raise professional level through the vocational training that holds often. Below the premise that values applicant option, help and the obtain employment way that proposal applicant chooses country, school, major and him to did not come according to oneself circumstance. The recruit students delegate that arranges foreign school is communicated directly through video and student, make a choice freer, do not contain any moisture content.
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