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Go to Singapore to study abroad
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With others chummage. Local dweller family is guarded -- , teach lodging plan (EduStay) some Singapore family can open wide a portal, greeting student studying abroad is entered, provide service of overall board and lodging for the student studying abroad. The student can blend in the Singaporean's life as soon as possible, experience different custom. Every months of charge uprights at 200 to 1800 new yuan between.

A variety of tuition aid financially a choice

Economy aids financially plan Singapore student of 3 5 technical institutes, Singapore colleges can enjoy all sorts of economy to fund a plan, if fellowship, tuition is aided financially, stipend and tuitional loan.

Tuition is aided financially (TuitionGrant) 70% what covered annual tuition. Accept the working contract that the student studying abroad that this economy aids financially must sign by a definite date 3 years, work in the company that graduation hind must be in to be registered at Singapore namely.

Tuitional loan (StudyLoan) 80% what loan amount can be as high as amount, the student can begin to repay after graduation loan, the reimbursement of loan period can be as long as 20 years.

Stipend stipend whether obtain approval to depend on completely economic atmosphere.

The application of fellowship fellowship depends on normally study ability of the applicant, leader organization capacity or minor course result.

The bank serves know fairly well

If need to open deposit account, the notice of enter a school that simply carries passport, student to allow card and school goes to any banks to all can be dealt with. If the age resents 21 years old, normally need has 100 new yuan lowest deposits money.

Most bank accepts traveller's check and foreign currency to change business. By the bank in Singapore with new yuan the form opens the bank draft that go out, can realize debt enter an item in an account conveniently. And open the check that give by the bank place that still does not have branch in Singapore, the likelihood needs to be as long as the time ability of 3 weeks arrives Zhang.

Begin from 2005, chinese student holds silver-colored couplet to get stuck to be stuck in Singapore have " silver-colored couplet " the business of the label door terminal uses this calories, need not poundage. When through ATM only extraction shows paper money, the talent that hold card needs to pay the poundage of certain amount. The consumption that brush card and ATM take showing money to be Singapore yuan.

The student works have school restriction

In the following the full-time student that 14 schools register can be in after school time works: Business school of college of college of Singapore state-maintaineding university, industry of southern Asia grain, Singapore management university, INSEAD Singapore, Chicago (Singapore) , Singapore technical institute, justice install technical institute, Dan Maxi Er of technical institute, southern Asia technical institute, republic technical institute, Lhasa - institute of new boat art, southern Asia.
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