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High school is unripe study abroad American requirement and tuition
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Study abroad 3 kinds of high school of abroad are unripe:

1. Do not have TOEFL or elegant consider success, go to abroad learning the language of period of time first, enter undergraduate course study next.

2. The university read a year or two years, turn to read an university abroad.

3. Still partial high school is born is TOEFL was taken an examination of in home, going up annual bottom applies for.

Study abroad requirement:

Had better have hear demand of ability tip university is very high;

Have the high school that hears of the gift of tongues certainly to be born to read a language, the possibility that takes visa is larger. The student that English is ineffective thoroughly, visa official won't give visa, or suspects study is bad, or suspicion wants to cross the United States to work secretly;

What obtain scholarship to American chrestomathy division is less. Should taking the element that needs a consideration to fellowship to include is in school success and expression, 2 it is recommendation and paper, 3 it is the achievement such as TOEFL, ask normally TOEFL 550 minutes of above (elegant perhaps think of 6.5 or) of 7 minutes of above, and high school 3 years of average grade 80 minutes of above;

The United States is very comprehensive to the student's check. Top university demand is very high. American university is in when admitting, meet those who visit student father and mother get educational rate even, the high high school student of similar result and expression, parents gets the meeting with educational low rate by first consideration, because this student may get educational rate than parents,high student gave more effort.

American tuition:

Language normally dollar of every semester 3000-4000 (1 dollar closes a RMB about 8 yuan of) , annual 8000-10000 dollar differs.