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According to achievement of the university entrance exam the choice studies abro
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"Whether can my achievement go abroad read better university? " after taking report of the university entrance exam, always having one part student, parent is to the university is read in home or study abroad abroad feel baffle and accept or reject hard. Actually, achievement of the university entrance exam enters the examinee of undergraduate course line, the university can be read in home, also had the postulate that applies for foreign university at the same time, whether to go abroad study abroad to provide for oneself according to study ability of the individual and life even ability, hobby is decided with domestic economy capacity, this kind of student has an opportunity to apply for better foreign university probably. If can read three-year institution of higher learning only in home, can consider to go abroad study abroad. Because three-year institution of higher learning, high post is read in home, the on obtain employment advantage after graduation is not clear. To the student that studies abroad of purpose, achievement of the university entrance exam is quite important, will matter to study abroad national choice. A lot of countries make clear a regulation when recruiting a student studying abroad, need success of the university entrance exam or " admission notice of the university entrance exam " . Although a few countries make clear a regulation without this kind, but if have result of right the university entrance exam, also can get below similar requirement preferential admit. How choose to study abroad according to achievement of the university entrance exam? Our newspaper is different mark paragraph the student was designed study abroad suitably course.

France: One, achievement is in of 2 above (had better be can by the country 211 projects college is admitted) can apply for the top class university with the most outstanding France, be like Paris 5 big, paris 11 big, paris 13 wait greatly. 2, achievement of the university entrance exam is in 2 around or 3 above (was not admitted by 211 projects college) if not be to sign up for popular major, also can try to apply for afore-mentioned top class schools. 3, achievement is in of above of line of three-year institution of higher learning basically each integrated and public university of big city can apply for France. 4, the graduate in technical secondary school, duty can apply for France technical skill, major university, offer degree of undergraduate course, three-year institution of higher learning. Remind: French university has respective and strict examine and verify to admit a standard, be opposite especially of international student choose on, it is very rigorous. Cannot arise " read in China bad to take an examination of bad ability to go abroad go " such idea, press above in light of place row requirement, want to check the school of corresponding grade, still should achieve the fractional line of corresponding grade to ask.

England: One, achievement has two kinds of choices in the student near key line: 1. Preparatory of immediate application university reads optional school: Include complete flower before 30 university, for instance university of Edinburgh university, Ba Si university, Hua Wei university, heart of Er thanking phenanthrene is waited a moment. 2. The diploma course that individual school offers (be equivalent to undergraduate course one grade) optional school: University of university, He Tefu heart waits Bulunaier a moment. 2, achievement can apply for in the student of level of specialized subject line medium slant the British school that attend, for instance east Angeliya university of university, Oxford cloth Lu Kesi, Nuodinghan Telunte the university. The student can depend on high school accomplishment of 3 the year's harvest has application, elegant think of requirement 4.5-5.5. Without elegant the language that thinks of achievement to be able to attend the school checks, this kind of exam can let a student be in short-term inside get the school is admitted and deal with visa.
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