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The United States that Euramerican MBA compares piece
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In recent years, domestic university does oneself with joint MBA course gradually arisen, before the school of MBA of a few Europe with minor fame also do sth on a large scale comes China contend for grab source of student. Below such circumstance, the school of name of United States of a place with all along low-key act begins to expedite a delegate, in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai high-key appear, undertake MBA project is publicized. Teachers and students of Stanford college business school came to Shanghai recently, spread out " the brigade of study " . DanRudolph of senior assistant dean is accepting Stanford business school when morning paper reporter is interviewed, introduced the MBA curriculum reform that this courtyard rolls out recently, the Euramerican MBA characteristic in also speaking of his memory is compared.

MBA is fostered " general manager "

According to introducing, stanford college business school is built 1925. Compare with other business school, its

MBA course dimensions is lesser, annual the full-time student that autumn recruits 375 or so. Recently, this courtyard still passed course to reform scheme, new course plans to will be carried out Summer 2007. In new course, the student is in through the first season (by a definite date 10 weeks) after common curriculum learns, the professional target according to oneself, have course free.

DanRudolph expresses, in Stanford such renown school reads MBA to have a profit, namely opportunity and the advanced knowledge of each domains undertake communicate and cooperative. For instance, stanford college of medicine raises clinical operation question, engineering courtyard undertakes equipment of relevant medical treatment is designed, undertake by the business school market sale is engineered again.

The focal point of MBA project side of different school is different, some pays attention to the investment concept that develops a student, some values poineering spirit. DanRudolph expresses, the integral concept of Stanford MBA can say is education " general manager " , namely commercial a versatile person, resource of investment, finance, accountant, manpower, market and administrative all are perfectness.

History grand course more " senior "

With MBA course student average age does not exceed 30 years old, study time is compared two years, course of history grand Master designs Stanford college business school for company middle-level executive personnel, learn unripe average age 37 years old, study time only a year.

According to history grand Master curricular director BruceMcKern introduces, this course recruits 55 students every year about. These students have experience of 15 years of works commonly, had achieved the metaphase of their career, need enters the next level of the career through taking advanced courses. They a year read the company that charge also is in by oneself mostly and government sector assistance.

All over the world inside limits, only 3 schools offer course of history grand Master, besides Stanford, still have MIT and London business school.
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