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The profession develops what consciousness leads you to study abroad road
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"My child second half of the year studies abroad from Australia this year graduation went back to the motherland, but the job was not fulfilled all the time. He gives a lot of international deliver of famous transnational corporation individual data, but disappear forever; Home a few in small company, he is not willing to go again. " a few days ago, come round to attend " profession of 2006 internationalization talent develops forum " what parent of student studying abroad disclosed him to the reporter to the lady is anxious, this forum learns profession of couplet, England to study referral center by green couplet of municipal Party committee of Chengdu of the Youth League, the Chengdu City, the Chengdu City (the unit such as CRAC) and federation of British north university is sponsorred jointly, attracted many seas return or similar to the lady such parent comes round go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures.

The student says: "The sea is waited for " very helpless

"Yearly salary 100 thousand the following job, I basically won't consider, because this and the devoted photograph that study abroad are too older than differring. " a student studying abroad that is about to go back to the motherland tells a reporter in more foreign phone, in his memory, the following employer should be the world 500 strong one of, yearly salary is in 200 thousand above, "What I consider above all is the branch that foreign company is in China or agency. "What I consider above all is the branch that foreign company is in China or agency..

Actually, the of great capacity that has afore-mentioned idea returns to not be in a few, although brief period cannot find proper job, they also won't fall oneself social status, "Alarming, we still can do poineering work independently. " nevertheless, own poineering risk is very big. "Can you walk out of the successful company that come to a few there are from poineering garden? Without the experience that the market develops, without the ability with person contact with, again good product also is Tibet in boudoir nobody know. " Mr Wang that in home company of one famous high-tech works thinks, at present a lot of student studying abroads do not have the consciousness of market risk, lack professional program, "It is do poineering work very blind, is the market of the product in? Is the client in? Without a bit consciousness! Without a bit consciousness!!

It is reported, at present domestic college graduate has 60% fronts to facing obtain employment difficulty. And if,the sea returns blindly drive up social status, more working opportunities will by nibble, the sea returns change " the sea is waited for " reality still will continue.

The company says: Value study ability

"When we are selecting a student, discover 3 kinds to main component is the student: The first kind is eligible person, it is the person that in interview initial stage the integrated quality of each respect fits quite; The 2nd kind is standardized educational person namely by China, the characteristic of this kind of student is to have certain intellectual technical ability, but the concept that does not have clarity to the individual's ability and the development direction that did not come; Last kinds of person confuses day of living person namely. " Aerkate Li Lin of manpower resource chief inspector thinks, in 3 kinds of afore-mentioned people, they like the first kind of person most, "The first kind of person has very strong reflection ability and active enthusiasm, have very the observation of acumen, to objective fact take ability very strong, the manner is precise, thinking is active, and have very good logic, also have clearer ego fixed position at the same time. But this kind of person with ability is very little. But this kind of person with ability is very little..
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