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Study abroad Singapore: Study is one kind is enjoyed
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Singapore advocates elitism, its elite teachs education to give the talented person of high quality, make Singapore enters the range of world developed country. And as upsurge going abroad rising, singapore becomes Chinese student to go abroad necessarily one of heat that study abroad. Recently, the reporter undertook interviewing to the Chinese student that studies abroad in Singapore partly, their life, study and the plan to future, all circles personage that can study abroad for drafting Singapore is referenced.

Chen Kuan, come from Guangdong Shenzhen, read formerly at school of Shenzhen foreign language, first Singapore goes studying abroad after 3 graduation, read now at Singapore Lai in Buddha person academy of classical learning 4. Read to had had one year in Singapore 4 months. Study abroad Singapore was full of a challenge

Between this period of time, I was experienced many, the feeling also grew a lot of. I am well-content to the study in Singapore and life, was full of a challenge.

First 3 graduation when, classmaster according to in take an examination of achievement to recommend me to take an examination of Singapore. The condition of Singapore school very inviting: Tuitional accommodation cost is avoided completely, still have the pocket money of 2200 new money every year at the same time. A lot of classmates that go to England, United States studying abroad, because the burden is worn,leave tuition bulkily to use, psychological pressure is extremely heavy. Under photograph comparing, I feel I am relaxed a lot of.

Oriental education and western education have very big different. The LEVEL of the system of education of Singapore and British Cambridge university conforms, diploma gets whole west society admits. Education reflects human nature to change, freedom is spent very tall. Make the space that him student develops very big. The study result end of the year consults not only period end result, at ordinary times achievement is more main. Usual every time works, every time little test, can note the total result end of the year.

The extracurricular activity organization of Singapore school is having extremely strict standards of grading, regard in the future as one of important assessment of enter a higher school. Each student must join group of an extracurricular activity at least, can be basketball, football, rugger, wind band, string orchestra is waited a moment. Have fixed training time every week, the train that brings major from outside school undertakes guidance, nationwide contest and performance wait. Develop proficiency in a particular line, it is more important to compare study itself sometimes.

Although learn paragraph inside the student is very busy, but the school when two long holidays seldom assigns task, make a student true the rehabilitate on the meaning, loosen brains, arrange oneself time. On the life, help because of what do not have parents from outer attend school alone, often want oneself to handle various issues, conduce to raise the life to provide for oneself ability and the capability that need a person to play. Once, when putting money, breakdown appears because of the machine and 1300 yuan of new money are buckled, must oneself call to have negotiation to the bank.
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