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Study abroad note: Study abroad Muscovite day
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3 years ago, I was set foot on go the journey that Moscow studies abroad.

The foreign student of preparatory of university of design of Muscovite national building is quite much, there are 6 people in our class, come from 6 different countries, the teacher says such ability are helpful for us learning Russian.

Complete a course takes an exam period arrived, I accepted alone exam of two days. In the colloquial composition of the last day, my answer gave all issues, the teacher was signed approvingly on report " achievement is outstanding, allow joins a department " . Look at this simple Russian, I excited do not say to give a word to come temporarily unexpectedly.

The Russian vocabulary of just society is finite, language of Muscovite person conversation fast get quickly again breathtaking! Will do in differently dot same of a thing handle affairs method more call a person to cannot understand. Then, I expended whacker setbacks, touched countless times " nail " , in this new environment, will make do with new language so unfamiliar handle affairs program.

, I to build a rule, good 5 minutes of other peoples are differred to eat lunch after finding a place not easily, anyway does not give me the lid, let me come again afternoon. Go back be afraid that time has not enough time, I am flat waiting in corridor with respect to the station midday, do not have a meal to eat to also do not have water to drink, looking at the crowd of contact, the acerb flavor in the heart cannot be described with the language. such, I am bearing provoking loneliness, overcame a lot of difficulty that never think of, did to enter the school, formalities before joining a department eventually, became Muscovite national building to design a student of the university.

Cherish when me excited the mood with pride, when stepping into Muscovite university hall for the first time, discover uncannily: Him content that attend class is understood almost not! Original, the Russian that previous preparatory teacher considers us 0 foundations, schoolteaching language fast slower, and what use a word straightaway, and after entering university classroom truly, teacher lecturer is right treat equally without discrimination of domestic and international student.

Gradually, I discover Muscovite exam system and our country are widely divergent again. They take seriously stress colloquial ability, a lot of course use colloquial exam directly even: The teacher prepares tens of title, by student lot, draw-out path or a few among them one titles undertake the spot replies, the teacher gives cent on the spot. Use 3 minutes of pass mark, 4 minutes good, give cent outstandingly 5 minutes the system. All exams can be taken during study, not only to foreign student, and the thing that a special honor is native to Russia student, they will get a gules diploma. Other and average graduate can get blue only.

During studying abroad, see some pupils learn drift along, indulge in libertinism, they drop division, repeat the year's work, abandon learn, direct even by school discharge. And I am recumbent oneself volition, perseverance and ceaseless effort insist to come down, obtain very outstanding result, be mixed by the teacher's favour love.
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