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Solidarity leaves federation of alumni association of institution of higher lear
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Hua Sheng signs up for a library to compare message of Nuo of the base of a fruit: On December 31, 2005, lin Shengheng of alumni association chairman leaves south with chairman position, in American California city announces Kubidinuo: "Federation of alumni association of Chinese institution of higher learing (couplet of abbreviation China school is met) hold water formally.
According to the United States " world daily " report, the member that establishs congress to announce includes: Normal University of alumni association of alumni association of Silicon Valley of college of Beijing grain industry, California of north of Beijing traffic university, Beijing is beautiful on the west alumni association of answer dawn of California of alumni association of California of north of university of industry of alumni association, Beijing, north, China medium alumni association of California of north of university of alumni association of Silicon Valley of university of alumni association of California of north of grain industry college, Jilin, Lanzhou, .

Among 26 organizations, standing director is nine Beijing Normal University, answer dawn, south, university of university of net of couplet of Silicon Valley Tsinghua, Zhongshan, Chinese science and technology, Xi'an is handed in mix greatly Zhejiang college alumni association.

Show up the China that sends congratulate is stationed in san Francisco consulate general to teach counsellor Shenyang to point out, north adds one belt to already China keeps beautiful student (contain the person that after studying abroad, stay) above of 40 thousand person, shenyang says, chinese school couplet meets brew period longer, also not be the first of the United States similar organization, but because it is not a storehouse,facilitating army, can expect it makes bigger play, solidarity takes the power of aesthetic person mass organizations, make larger contribution, he also appeals everybody and motherland strengthen connection, not forget to pass on the alma mater that is in China.

Report of Lin Shengheng of chairman of the first to be appointed to an office establishs a course to say, he is held the position of 6 years ago south when opening alumni association vice-chairman, feel have establish alumni association union necessary, during transferring, beijing University Tsinghua and south open 3 universities to be combined somewhat, but ultimate goal is group of federation of each alumni association, unitive power is great.

Lin Shengheng and should attendant before boreal California hands in Chen Hong of chairman of large alumni association " testimony " , it is 3 years ago in one circumstance, the Wang Yunxiang's consul general at that time is special period make everybody can rise school couplet to the organization. Lin Shengheng says: "Did at long last today! "Did at long last today!!

Chen Hong appears on the stage to answer later, say Wang Yunxiang has said this word really in those days, still ever period make group of science and technology also somewhat transverse connection, there was society of China source science and technology later hold water. Chen Hong says, unite to be able to do more thing, resembling is two sides is handed in big 5 school establish union, it is this truth, china has more than 1000 institution of higher learing, chinese school couplet can be made from 26, "Can do more more big. "Can do more more big..
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