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Leave the insipid years that beautiful doctor recall with emotion is in abroad
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2005 finally two weeks, I am spent together in Dallas and parents. A few years that when just come to the United States, I most fear mix when parental on holidays the dinner party between their friend. The time with that difficult blueness, feel total be oneself is antipathetic. In an instant between, went ten years, parents' very much at that time friend still is reading take advanced courses, their child also been attendinging high school and college nowadays, and myself also became a doctoral student. The growth as the age and live to oneself repeatedly think over, those traitorous moods already left me far gradually, I discover I like even more to fathom a few words of parents, and a few people that often mention to them also had a kind to care. This year this christmas, I have favour to see the old friend of these parents again, these and we went together in the United States so old fellow traveller.

In the party of the Christmas these already were entered not of be puzzled year people appears young all the more. Colour of female people dress is lively, the sweater with decorous and lavish style. The dress with peach pink, pale green, white, bright red element deserves to go up congener colorific eye shadow and lipstick, again the necklace with delicate attach and dangler, those who reflect is mature woman's peculiar self-confidence and charm. Men wear chromatic attune to have composedly get a shirt to deserve to go up the wool vest of of all kinds, one goes out fully in lying fallow free and easy.

Father comes to the United States in 80 time end, work in the same placing of he and his friend of a lot of China live in at that time work from them in an apartment with not far unit. When I and mother had not come the United States, father and two colleagues chummage. They this schoolboy dormitory became these Chinese student studying abroads to gather on the weekend the good place of card games. Want the account of go to school because of me later, our home is moved to to learn an area well, and other uncle nurses also begin construction because of parturient, to apply for a job, attune, removed the area of other and state seat of government. The chance that everybody meets is little. These now at ordinary times very god-given gathered old friend people met to become chirping short-haired pelt child, let wine respect tea each other, get a little extremely.

Festal party always cannot leave big and delicate cate. Ten years ago dine together give priority to with carnivorous, cultured is substantial, cheap and fine. And the food that dines together now becomes more cate changes internationalization. Have delicate tastily celery lily fries pine nut, slippery tender Japan gives birth to slices of fish meat, the Taiwan glutinous rice of delicious, outside Jiao Li's tender beautiful type barbecue, white skin big stuffing steamed stuffed bun. The desert is heart of bit of type of fruit, stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, Chinese and Western. Sundry dish placed a kitchen a big, everybody the form with buffet is replete oneself dish. Old people is surrounded desk sit down, and the fossa that themselves found in a certain corner that children are in a room euqally in those days like me.
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