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Day is big Chinese young person is busy at ordinary times working study New Year
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Big nowadays the question with marry difficult in day Chinese youth more and more get the attention of people. These work at ordinary times, the Chinese young person that study held him majority energy, use New Year in succession this god-given long holiday attends all sorts of dating actively to mix party activity, the hope increases his chance that make friend.

According to Japan " Chinese gazette " report, miss Zhao introduces controller of place of interpose of marriage of a Chinese, all sorts of advisory telephone calls that during spending the New Year this year, they get are at ordinary times of double, the marriage interpose place that during making plan New Year originally, rests must be used " have holidays by turns " method, and she this controller is also did not rest one day.

And during New Year all sorts of large date the evening party also is an one after another. There are places of a lot of large marriage interpose to sponsor in Japan special " date the evening party " , before by each marriage interpose place leads his member, go attending, wait for the limitation of the element as a result of the language, in " date the evening party " be duped participant settle on when where individual, can tell marriage interpose the person of place first, by marriage interpose place is in charge of be being communicated with the other side later, the after agreeing trade that gets two people contacts means, arrange bilateral and alone appointment again, of course, if the language is illogical, the personnel of marriage interpose place also can accompany ibid to go to.

Place of eliminate marriage interpose, a lot of single Chinese young people also the machine of Jie New Year, attend all sorts of parties actively, increase oneself to encounter the opportunity of lone opposite sex. Ceng Ting's person has said " Tsinghua does not have a belle " , but held in new constellation on December 25 " alumnus of 2005 Tsinghua university forgets annual meeting " on, journalist take a broad view looks at the young and beautiful girl in the assembly room to be absent absolutely a few. After guest makes self introduction, the reporter just discovers, these so young girl people great majority is not Tsinghua alumnus. Miss Wang that comes from Hunan is Tokyo the student that some privatelies run the university learns a 4 year, she expresses to the reporter, tsinghua university has a kind of mysterious feeling all the time to oneself, coming this is infer know Tsinghua student " the truth of sth. " , 2 coming is to know schoolboy of college of science and engineering is much, also want to borrow machine the chance making friend that increases oneself.