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Resent 16 years old Chinese boy goes to school in Australia the first day
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At the beginning of 2005, the billows of case of Chinese boy abundant that resents 16 years old arrives alone Australia Adelaide (south Australian metropolis) read high school, over, he must face the environment with life not familiar ground alone, oneself handle the life and the issue that study. After experiencing a lot of difficulty, he discovers he matured. We chose him to grow the one share in article here, how is seeing him the first day when go to school in abroad spent. -- complier

Author: Yan Gelan

The first class is " life skill "

The first day go to school formally, I take goodwife to be me " tailor-made " lunch went out. In the station, I saw the Australia boy Jim of strong yesterday recognition, after making call, we went up together the bus heads for the school. The school reached after 50 minutes, ms. Dianne takes me to arrive ISEC2(English aggrandizement 2) report for duty, introduced) of teacher of Teacher(classmaster of   of Home   Group to me, gave me a piece of syllabus next. Home   Group is a lady. She tells me, she is Shanghai person, and introduce me to whole class classmate. Suddenly, attend class ring rang, all classmates happen to coincide left a classroom, how the teacher still didn't sneak away? And this him teacher disappears very quickly also in me at the moment!

My person is left only in the classroom, weird halcyon, and it is person bearer is gone to on corridor, lively and extraordinary. "Odd of this matter terribly! " I am faint remember Dianne telling me, in the office that the teacher is near this. Resembling is refluent and the trout that go up, I crowd office of broken crowd leap forward, the lady that sees an aureate bingle is going out. I tell her at once, I am a new student, do not know to should attend class toward where. After she explains to me quickly, we just are understood. Every student is so OK the course that chooses to learn according to oneself interest, hobby, the syllabus that has an extraordinary each so (but we the classmate of these English aggrandizement classes cannot choose a course. Every international student studying abroad must undertake 20 weeks language aggrandizement first, just can join regular classes or grades in school learn) next, still explained above in when, the student should attend what class to what classroom.

I run quickly to the classroom, fortunately the teacher has not come, I am taking syllabus to discover the first class is to be called actually " life skill " (Life   Skills) , this is course of a regulation. The teacher is a middleaged lady of golden hair, appear have temperament very much. I and a classmate that come from Jiangxi Nanchang sat at the same place, he says the teacher calls Robertson(Luo Binsen) , but everybody calls her " turnip silk " .

"Turnip silk " the teacher begins to attend class, not " stand up " , not " the teacher is good " , it is the teacher goes instead the edge sends data side to say hello to to us before everybody, I some tell her me nervously is new student, she resembles however was to see drop the purse on the ground, pie-eyed to my inquire after sb's health, the feeling is very friendly. The content that attends class today is about Australia water natural resources, we understood Australia is a country that lacks water, everybody should cherish water is like gold... at this moment the lady of benefit of landlord a person of extraordinary powers that I just remember me has carried this with me, nevertheless she says Australia is a desert, bathe each so cannot exceed 10 minutes. Time passes very quickly, finished class insensibly.
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