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To let study abroad the son does not forget home town word
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"Father, I received the recording disc that you send, be at ease, I insist to practice saying not to have stannic word certainly, although the person is in the United States, but the word do not have stannum that comes home to be able to tell a tunnel certainly next time. " yesterday at night, the Dong Haijun's couple that lives in village of plum of the new developed area that do not have stannum was received far the more foreign phone of the son that reads in the United States, hear a son to reply so, husband and wife two equipment feel gratified.

Dong Haijun tells a reporter, his son Dong Bin this year 16 years old, an uncle settles in the United States. 3 years Qian Dongbin was sent the United States to read by parents, because have an uncle a coordinate, jiashangbin Bin provides for oneself capability is stronger also, got used to local life very quickly. The time that does not arrive one year can say fluent English. Last summer, the Dong Haijun's couple that Sai Zixin cuts went the United States seeing a son. Look at son stature to grow tall, the life is done in perfect orderly, study is very good also, they are very happy. Attentive nevertheless father discovers, when chatting with the son, the word of the son that do not have stannum says to get bumpy, occasionally a word wants a long time, sign of have the aid of wants when conversation, often appear even English.

How to let a son remember dialect, became a sore point of Dong Haijun's couple. Then they think of him transcribe sends a son without stannic word, let a son contrast exercise. At first, their husband and wife two oneself say not to have stannic word to the recorder, the sense is not quite much still, arouse again oneself kin recording. Through the effort of two months, 5 replete the disk of the word that do not have stannum gives heat eventually, drive before the Spring Festival to send Dong Bin.

Dong Bin's mom says, because kin is in the United States to live well, xiaodong Bin is very diligent also, the child stays probably in the United States to develop in the future, but no matter where is he, he should remember his motherland is China, their home town is in without stannum, his dialect is the word that do not have stannum.