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My Swedish student studying abroad is vivid
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I was August 2004 the middle ten days of a month is versed in to Swedish Chaermusili the university reports for duty go to school, the school is located at fort of heart of garden city song. Song heart fort belongs to southern area of Sweden, climate winter warm summer is cool, very comfortable. I introduce my life in Sweden and study case simply below. >

In Sweden the expenditure of our student basically includes 3 chunk: Accommodation, have a meal and traffic. Say room first, the housing price that the school offers wants a few more expensive, odd world every months of 3000 grams bright left and right sides, have independent toilet, can get online freely, the kitchen is common. If mix someone else is common the word of a room will be cheaper, but opposite for inadequate security. Of course, it is a few cheaper to also can choose Home Stay chummage, but online charge is him burden. Just came to Sweden to had better live in the housing that the school provides of course.

It is to have a meal next, vegetable price is 10 times of home commonly here, the flesh kind the price is home 4 to 5 times. But oneself cook eating expense wants relatively many little, I the board expense of every month is in 800 Ke Lang is controlled, also be made an appointment with and the RMB is controlled 1000 yuan. Not be pork everyday it is beef, than be in when attending a college, country takes a lot of. Although vegetable price is very expensive, but if oneself are attentive, what can buy supermarket special offer everyday is vegetable, and the goods that makes special offer everyday is different, the special offer commodity of every supermarket is different also, turn more a few supermarkets, basically can buy satisfactory thing with very low price every time. I also suggest to be in the student that will arrive suddenly to be consulted to old student studying abroad more, can leave out is very much needless expenditure.

If attend class if the place is further from the place of accommodation, buy monthly ticket with respect to need, every month 600 Ke Lang. If close word, cycle and can choose on foot.

About learning: The graduate student is read in Sweden or compare insecurity, acquire before dawn 1, 2 o'clock is regular job, before driving report and other operation and exam especially when. The English of professor and other teacher is general how many some accent, but do not affect attend a lecture. Be in Sweden at present, classroom has been the only channel that student and teacher communicate no longer. The problem that each student can be interested in with respect to them through the network and teacher go up in the net undertake discussion. Medium exam hands in the university completely already also to be managed by the network, computer replaced examination paper, clavier replaced a pen. This kind of new exam way very the reception that gets students.

In addition, swedish university serves a student very fair, international student and this locality student are arranged together, such Chinese students have a lot of opportunities and the student that come from world each country to undertake communicating, in the study that can blend in Europe better and surroundings. In addition, swede is very friendly, the hardworking and thrifty of Chinese student and be admired Swedishly conscientiously especially, between international student general harmonious also get along.
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