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Experience Oxford- - experience " Yinglunya is in charge of " the transcendental
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Oxford, halcyon, honest, classic, this is the first impression that she gives me. Local volunteer tells me to say Oxford and point to an university not simply, oxford is a city. London is close to car Cheng of two hours to Oxford, what because have such space,just make Oxford was far from big city is blatant, those who show British country is neat and rich. And nearly 40 institutes that are located in this small town formed Oxford, so Oxford also is known as is college town.

"Ying Lunya is in charge of " the glamour like

Oxford is British gem, it is a history and culture famous city, by the coronal with " Yinglunya is in charge of " title. Wet is the delegate of British weather, fortunately we have just in time the opportunity strolls in Oxford rain. Inside Oxford, each period are different the building of the style is saved to come down by in good condition ground, what whole town appears is the picture that a long history and modern culture blend each other; Suburban, besides the prairie of stretch to the horizon and crop, the farmhouse of the beam column of Bai Qiang, red tile, fastigium, black, strewn at random ornament is worn. By the village, oxen and hores-beeasts of burden depastures, sheep group. The meadow is whole whole, be intermingled is being adorned rare those who fall is lofty old tree, whole town was full of secret touch, look " HARRY POTTER " coming here to film also is reasonable.

The contemporary university of 850 years of histories

Oxford is mediaeval century period, peaceful interview on person river important cross Piao. The virgin story of Oxford very lifelike, according to the view of local, oxford is virgin 1167, at that time henry 2 worlds, give orders the British student that recall is studying abroad in Paris. Because he hopes: "England cannot lack the first-class staff that serves god and country. " to find a place for the student of recall, it is those who have Oxford to found. Those who change character, of Oxford because of,holding water is it seems that inchoate " the brain drain " problem. Someone says Oxford appears conservative, with cut down of the ride instead of walk when going up, and Oxford president says Oxford is the surface looks very dated, but a lot of her modern labs distributing the other place in the city, have the Oxford of history of 850 years, it is a modern university that gets used to a society to develop tide likewise.

The college town of be worthy of the name

Begin from 11 centuries, more and more clergyman are engaged in philosophy considering and discourse on an academic subject to European each district, this kind of increasingly frequent learning activity makes the center that Europe formed a few to discourse on an academic subject, oxford is among them one of, and the rudiment that this also is Oxford. From build school now, oxford developed many premier of 26 5 king, England, foreign country gainer of nearly 40 summit, nobel prize and large quantities of one famous scientists. Oxford has perfect study condition and atmosphere, according to school square introduction, oxford executes an institute to make, nearly 40 institutes distributing each corners in Oxford, when interviewing motor of student studying abroad to manage, he also claims to Oxford 5 months also do not cross the college that patronage controls 10 times. Oxford has sound study system, if tutorial system, class is made,wait. The university here one grade is given priority to with major, special subject plan considers to be in last years normally, of the student sufficient time digests a homework. Divide semester one year, every semester 8 weeks. Oxford provided perfect learning environment for students, professor and researcher take an active part in education, encourage a student to participate research directly industry of each scientific research and the cooperative project that start a business newly.
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