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The road that Australia translates -- the student sends a letter
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I am big the 4 students that are about to graduate, from big together I am hit decided the belief that study abroad goes abroad after wanting to graduate in the university, for the sake of him harden oneself, also can absorb new knowledge at the same time, this knowledge is book not just those who go up, still the life goes up. After course and parents discuss I chose the Australia of scenery beauty to study abroad. Preliminary placed a state, below is the choice to intermediary. Because the child of parental colleague has,go abroad, pass the communication with them, still have the inquiry that I get online, make by right of the 4 good public praise that amount to and credit I chose finally 4 amount to study abroad orgnaization. What as a result of me the university learns is an accountant, but I will want to pursue this job not quite henceforth, so I study abroad what my idea told me advisory Mr. Lv Dongling, pass the communication with Mr. Lv, mr. Lv studies abroad for what I designed me wholeheartedly professional. Because my English is pretty good still, pass the communication with Mr. Lv so, I chose the interpreter Master major of RMIT finally. Because it is Melbourne area,the interpreter that I choose RMIT is be translated exclusively by the university of NAATI attestation course. At the same time it also is Australia rolls out an interpreter the earliest (oral interpretation and written translation) the university of diploma course. There is new move again recently, rolled out the interpreter Master course that interpreter skill and management pay equal attention to. The interpreter major that RMIT rolls out pays attention to face of patulous student knowledge more, master course is outspread the interpreter's content, special basis is translated to large book currently and the special demand such as the simultaneous interpretation of large international conference installed a project to run this course, this course is the continuity that didactics gives birth to in project of one a complete set of to translate and importance, the participation that makes a student more thorough arrives in the project, this is the tool that a language changes not just, developed student subjective activity more adequately. Master course still is taught written with oral interpreter skill, the education of each respect such as ability of interpreter of draft of the part that also includes to accord with NAATI to ask, morality, profession, speech and context connection. The attestation that and the meeting in course emphasizes necessary interpreter skill passes NAATI in order to help a student takes an exam. Australia is the country of a diversity, every year large quantities of immigrant are swarmed into, very big to the interpreter's demand. Concentrated Melbourne area is compared in the Chinese, not small also to the interpreter's demand. RMIT is Australia the biggest, the oldest interpreter and oral interpretation school, suffer Australia country to translate oral interpretation association (NAATI) attestation. In the interpreter course that in Victoria city each university offers, only royal Melbourne manages work college (RMIT) the interpreter learns high diploma (Advanced Diploma Of Interpreting And Translation) the attestation that obtained NAATI. Through 70% of this interpreter, the applicant translates certificate with respect to the 3 degree that can obtain NAATI automatically. According to current immigration laws, the interpreter is 60 minutes of major, a good news also is undoubtedly for this emigrant to wanting classmate. The interpreter of RMIT the persons qualified to teach that another advantage is him, as a result of the existence of outstanding teacher, its MATTI percent of pass achieved 60~70% , the percent of pass of the 30~40% of school of comparatively Australia other, be quite tall. Another RMIT translates major relatively Australia is other of the school different is, the RMIT after applying for can do an English test to you, telling the fellow student that tests nevertheless is to take those who be less than admission notice. It is the thing that the classmate that should apply for this major needs to notice this bit.

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