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Abroad life the first day
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Studying abroad is the dream of student of a lot of China, I am very honorary it is a among them. I muddle-headed muddle-headed disembarkation the land of western country, accept the ghost man that of machine is an a bit fat lens that wear a look, there is a piece of white paper that writing my name with English in the hand, put before the bosom.

I a bit bemused saw half talent go by bravely, say the English of a special stutter: This is my name, what the foreigner smiles is right I said: Hello! (English olfactory hello, very interesting also)

Now have been afternoon at 6 o'clock, the Homestay that the driver sent me me (accommodation family) , this is Fu of a pair of an old fellow like me, goodwife calls Merry enthusiasm greet me in arriving home, my arrangement another in very big room, inside establishment is very all ready, I take out the gift with nice precondition (very big China writtens guarantee) send her, she sees like very much, still give me a hug, went out gladly. I just am done, goodwife (Merry) take the telephone call in her home, let me call to my parents first, tell family I am already safe arrive.

In new environment, any makes me curious, the air here is good, green is outside the window (winter is in the home) , and there still is bird on the tree cry, when be intoxicated for these strange things in me. Merry beats my door noisy, told me to have dinner, I come to dinner hall as Merry, male host (Tom) had waited here, he very gent, let me sit down, merry carries the Chinese meal that prepares meticulously for me, let me enjoy, still say you are the person that student of the first China reachs our home, I am trying to make Chinese food to you, hope you can like, listen to her so say, it is to let me touch really.

I take spoon trouble a big rice, begin to enjoy my dinner, feel how to there is sand inside the meal suddenly, either, it is glibly sand, the meal is done not have ripe, gritty... how do this eat, within an inch of is spat come, instantaneous idea and experience, the reason that lets me conquered immediately, the family had not made Chinese food again, and to me so good, how should also eat go down. This process is a kind of torment really, there is a smile on the face, pretend to chewing, meal pharynx go down, blurt out said delicious, be in courtesy, I readily another having unripe rice (drive sb. to his death, too painful) . Merry and Tom are laughing to say, we will eat Chinese food again tomorrow. Does so insipid Chinese meal eat even? I must think way. With method of special sweat and agreeable and they say, I eat Chinese food every day, come to here, want to eat local Western-style food. What do you do what I eat became good.

There is some of insomnia in the evening (have loose bowels) , some consider the home, after all the head leaves home so far, think consider is worn I also do not know when to be asleep. Merry knocks I just wake in the morning, it is to take me to go to the urban district going so, be familiar with the environment all round.
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