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Does the specialized subject give birth to what course to follow?
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God closes a door for you, give birth to what course to follow to let yourself open specialized subject of a window just about? This word sounds seem very familiar to the ear, but completely not correct, be right! God closes a door for you, regular meeting opens a window for you is original, but after passing this small turn, feel this word above can be reflected more give me at the moment the mood. After fighting bravely through gore of the university entrance exam, if what I wish to check the undergraduate course school of ideal major,fail, probably this is dream and real difference, also cannot be ineluctability fact more, face only! 3 years of undergraduates of written in water near end alive, make major decision -- go abroad take advanced courses. Whether to know to having now as me of fortune what doing with age person? ! Seek an average job? Still continue to go to school? Draw near graduation, the more confused, the kid of a wrong path, do not know what course to follow? A few years old of 20 youths, be the age of fortune of your scrape up, if once be on labour,make station, be afraid study is told to you pure belong to ability not equal to one's ambition. God closes a door for you -- fail to enter the college that expects ideal, but we cannot abandon a heart medium dream, should have belief. Believe to still have a lot of other opportunities are awaiting us. Here won'ts do, can you trade a place? Open alone to let his just about bright and the window that is full of prospective hope, change a perspective casually, may discover still other way are waiting for you to go, the window that oneself create just is best. Go abroad myself picks this way, the specialized subject is unripe people do not know you have what kind of plan, at least I just want to experience mine now draw up will be shared together with everybody, those who arrange its nature is to look for intermediary to seek advice from relevant matters concerned, accident see from the net 4 amount to intermediary to study abroad, feel pretty good still, here I very be at ease, because the advisory adviser here is to have experience quite, common saying says even if: Make in the light of the circumstances of different person study abroad differently plan, also can respect individual opinion to be the mainstream of course, will integratedly tell is the angle that thinks with conversion will do this work, more students that like me such specialized subjects graduate, be the road henceforth indecisive, they can offer you a very good to prospective development foreground program, no matter you are determined to whether go abroad finally,deny, it is to be in what compare the heart the heart to will not come to good longing henceforth for our draw the outline of. My individual seeks advice before had given matters concerned, it is to worry about diploma of him record of formal schooling very, also not be to have hope very much to the thing that go abroad, in the 4 adviser that amount to me Mr. Lv is emphasizing confident to oneself, your affirmation be no problem all the time, a lot of referenced sex opinions offerred in prospective study, very influential to individual future development, the Mr. Lv's detailed also major that should learn to me has simple description, accomplish the know exactly about sth in the heart. Do not fall to go out without any preparation again. No matter be,the body or mentally must make delicious bitter preparation, I think this is 4 amount to study abroad the different part that intermediary serves. Cannot eliminate a specialized subject to be born to read an undergraduate course to be in abroad very good apply for a job, and still think immigrant has a green card in abroad, but this is not the ultimate goal that go abroad after all, can make oneself more competitive however, even if be,development goes back to the motherland when arriving also can yet be regarded as a kind take exercise very well, the social knowledge that broadened the outlook to also enhance oneself already, and the ability that lives alone. A thing has the balance of its two sides sex, benefit and fraud, seeing you is the great majority that holds partly then, I should belong to deeper administrative levels to need to perfect ego namely, walk up study abroad road, without giving thought to in front await me whether bright or it is dark it may not be a bad idea, life is brief, what still hope can brave and everybody is sturdy is forward step one pace! Here, it is OK to having the friends as me to might as well preparing to measure a body to have something made to order for oneself a brand-new window, probably while god of your this acknowledgment closes, let us the opportunity that highlights other one side waits to release the day of sunshine of our youth, rich passion! Ni Shan 12-05-08
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