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The acknowledgment of parent of a student is believed
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Respect 4 amount to a company:You are good! At the moment, I am cherished extremely excited mood writes down this letter, because I can find an opportunity eventually,will convey me to be opposite Mr. * and your gratitude and devoir. I come from Yu Jilin, mr. * that is Australia ministry helps me deal with go Australia studies abroad, original plan and the TAFE course that read production major to Huomusigelan in July 2008. Seasoned Mr. * not tire of all sorts of its irritated questions that answer me to come up against, removed the doubt of my mind very quickly, had done for me one step by step formalities, I collected tuition in November 2007 school square, differ embassy visa to be able to be gone to only bay study abroad, be in at this moment, my all along healthy wife feels the bosom is frowsty, afflictive suddenly, just have very for long improve, cross her two days get ill one. This makes me very afraid to her health. After if I go abroad,learning, the daughter that she works in Changchun alone and takes care of us 10 years old, how can reappear disease do? In view of this kind of circumstance, I pass careful consideration, must abandon going abroad this very reluctantly the good chance of study, the choice stays in home to take care of wife and daughter, put forward to help me withdraw the demand of cost to Mr. * immediately. Mr. Lv takes my circumstance seriously very much, help me contact Mr. Si Qin of the company immediately, helping me want tuition to come back with the shortest time and highest efficiency, detail says the meeting is too much perhaps, here is differ one give uncecessary details. Anyhow is in whole deal with study abroad, the impression that in the process that remove fee Mr. Lv gives me is special major, bear the blame, efficiency is tall, work the manner is serious, let what I become aware be at ease. Although be in conduction course is a bit meandering, study abroad this fail to embark on a journey, but I still feel very lucky, because I chose Mr. * ! Chose 4 amount to! Thank! ! Yuan Mingyang 2008 year on Feburary 18