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Are You Ready? -- a letter of the student studying abroad
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Dear teachers:The Spring Festival is happy, paid a New Year call to everybody first here. I (the student studying abroad of major of accounting of a RMIT) be in Melbourne, days is like shuttle, years is cantabile, in an instant I had needed 5 months in a such exotic an alien land, a lot of experience clearly let me must write a such letter to give you. I hope you can give other perhaps be about to plan to want what the classmates that go abroad share me together to experience. Hope this bit of my my opinion can help them. I think to go abroad is a course that takes reality from the dream, it is the process of very necessary harden oneself, if such opportunity is placed before to must not be missed, must consider well. Because not be each person,have such opportunity, and such experience is such precious with hard-earned. This is not represented go abroad to be able to allow each personal growth, make each individual thoroughly remould oneself mature perhaps, the most important is to want to prepare somewhat and plan, should hold in the arms additionally without leeway and precipitant confidence, because go abroad,not be enjoy a happy life, after going abroad, begin independently namely, in everybody so in spirits ground should begin itinerary when, put down an illusion, face reality. In 5 months that I am here, experienced a lot of, a lot of moment are flimsy, sad, sadness, consider the home even, but there is a dream in my heart, so I can continue. I believe each student studying abroad took a lot of pain here, seek a room, be familiar with traffic, shop, cook, work, write line of business. . . . . . A lot of things let your hurry-scurry, but learned tolerance and adamancy in this a bit however. The footmark that when me farewell head sees him had struggled when, I feel proud, because I was paid, I tried hard. Today, I write such letter, want other classmate to ponder over the purpose that go abroad well namely, want to ponder over oneself to be able to give how many effort after all well, oneself can have taken care of oneself life independently truly, cook for instance, for instance oneself see a map, oneself go applying for a job, oneself go looking for a house to wait. I emphasize particularly " oneself " want to say namely, live here of need is free-standing courage, this does not say to be able to be accomplished, need volition is at the back of this. Going abroad is the process of a kind of harden oneself, I like such course, the choice that I do not regret to go abroad. Thank the 4 helps that amount to the teachers that study abroad to give me! Also hope to prepare to set foot on itinerary classmates to prepare well in mentally, hope authority is great finish school. Shan Shan 2008/2/10