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The student studying abroad talks " big 4 students about turning professional an
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Lifetime all the time of the person is not facing various choices, if say the university entrance exam to us be " inevitable " choice, also can say we are awaited in those days basically choice of have no way, so be faced with an university to be about to graduate we, how should choose that again? Undoubted, it is it seems that the highroad connects Rome, but what is the shortcut that connects Rome? Go abroad, one's deceased father grind, officeholder, job is waited a moment, do we want what course to follow after all? To us of this times with age person, had not faced what kind of choice it seems that, be born as a child first, arrive in one's deceased father, arrive to be acted according to to be by Chinese people " successful difficult path " the university entrance exam, we always advance along the course that has been planned beforehand. So now, undoubted, our this paragraph itinerary go to the end. Facing orbital fork mouth, what we need ourselves to choose life is itinerary. Actually, be in an university 4 years in, countless numerous students always are pondering over these same questions with me: Does the major that I learn suit me after all? Do I like after all? What to learn me to you can be done after all? To Chinese student, they need to be reviewed in insecurity of the university entrance exam with selection of their life occupational is completed when still putting muddled to university major, such choice is very incidental mistake apparently. Although from contemporary social angle for, facing intense competition, we had mixed our interest very hard major and working look were united in wedlock, but undeniable is, to one the individual's disposition, be fond of, have the major that suit or does not suit him really. But, we were not necessary completely to learn the university the professional knowledge that does not like, regarding as is wasteful time. We can regard the university as completely is fundamental education, we acquired scientific ABC here, acquired how to play for the person, entered social activity, harvested the joy of the exercitation, won friendship, abounded life to read force, this is the wealth with our enormous life, can make we are benefited all one's life. High school when because love computer, computer major chose when the university entrance exam. After attending a college, discover and did not generate strong interest to computer major, pay close attention to the information of side of a few finance instead, be in big 3 when the exercitation that looked for orgnaization of a finance to have a related side, undertook a few abecedarians understand, benefit a lot. Had in brain then go abroad read grind the thought of direction of moment choice finance. As to through the 4 psychology that amount to a teacher test and individual character are evaluated finally, designed the Professional Accounting of the Professional Accounting And Commerce of Sydney university and UNSW for me, two schools and major, our family is very satisfactory, and my individual also benefits from which blame is shallow, sum up the following respects and everybody to share: Above all, want to make clear oneself direction when choosing country going abroad, to to oneself this major likes very much, and the hope continues take advanced courses, can choose the United States, England (but the problem that England and partial Europe country exist generally is, these countries study abroad to you the visa after the end and the very big limitation that counterpoise habitat, the idea that can plan to continue to stay in place to you brings very big trouble) ; Read grinding student to wanting to change major, can choose Australia, England (a few major also accept England turn professional student) , the issue of the immigrant after the advantage that chooses Australia graduates namely and job is relatively good solve, and can the settlement of very old rate your trouble back at home, the job that sets his mind at in place after graduation and life. Next, major chooses a side, business division course asks to undergraduate course setting mostly not much (specific can ask to find in major of each university website) , choose the more practical course in division of a few business so, after meeting you, the job brings very great individual competition ability; At the same time referenced immigrant adds minute of major, the major that also can choose to continue to take advanced courses to oneself undertakes choosing. Finally, also want to try to consider locally from the area of the university. Actually, study abroad the position of the school and study abroad the objective also has immediate concern. Go bay purpose of student great majority is while the hope gets degree, still have obtain bay green card, emigrant to the technology capacity will tell, 120 minutes of emigrant marks are crucial. So to be in commonly bay the Chinese student after the graduate student graduates, so had probably 110 to 115 minutes, so still 5 do that to 10 minutes? South bay the area took very big advantage in this respect undoubtedly, because he has outlying area of 5 minutes to add cent, have profit very much to your immigrant so. So you can obtain degree and status in those days two a magic weapon go big city applies for a job, this will have very big gain to you. So go to area of Sydney, Melbourne studying abroad, atmosphere of the economy that experiences place in big city, culture is more a bit directer, work to also have definite advantage, but will tell to emigrant identity, the G that IELTS takes an examination of after the likelihood needs finish school kind 4 7 or above, also hope everybody combines his English level consideration. Wish all brotherly sisters everything is successful in the limit of student studying abroad in future finally! ! ! Frank Wuyu 2008-2-2

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