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Why to study abroad Australia - my comprehension
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Why to study abroad Australia - my comprehension

The argument that does not recall a state has two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two, the reason that goes abroad likewise is multifarious also. The key is, what is the reason that oneself want to be clear that you go abroad, if just comply with,parental life goes abroad, or it is to go abroad and go abroad, it is disappointed that that went to abroad to be returned besides disappointment. What parents can offer is condition and environment only, want how to go as to the road, why to take the option of this road or yourself.

Some of person goes abroad is to escape obtain employment pressure, some are to suffer enough China's complex human relation, the person that has many blind western-worship more was holding the idea that went abroad to say again in the arms to leave China. Should face actually still must face, abroad of obtain employment competition is euqally intense, intrigue against each other and discrimination have everywhere, can be imagined such going abroad that can bring only finally regret.

Say the reason that I go abroad, also consult for everybody:

   The first, degree

In all fairness, australian education quality is inferior to the United States really, the Master of Coursework also is inferior to Research have depth. But anyway wide into severe the educational system that give and newest intellectual structure also let me acquire many things really. Not only it is the thing on textbook, it is the method of education, self-study and the experience to western system of education more.

Chelonian begins two this years to not worth really money, the Master is more and more general also. But this is so called not costly also be relative to false bubble of before two years character only, take out the aureola on the head, current market fixed position can reflect its real value more. The undergraduate of China of no less than from how year ago " an unusually lucky person " to now gain ground, can you say the undergraduate is not costly? You are OK so say, but why so much person still reads adult the university entrance exam even, evening university? After because become,campus gained ground, the undergraduate students has made the lowermost standard of a lot of industries. Such OK seeing, abroad record of formal schooling will become some to plant after " basic standard " .

   The 2nd, English
Come can Australia English rise? Rise? Of course can!

We complain constantly in home without English environment, so English learns bad. Australia is English country, TV, broadcasting station, newspaper, advertisement is English, have favorable English environment. The problem is, the environment is over there, saw you how be used. Take a fancy to article newspaper, go Chinatown works, go repeatedly how does English of the member that does the shop consider employment of the state-operated in searching learn well? Of course the person is in foreign land, make Chinese friend to live, english is not quite good the meaning starts to talk this is understandable, nevertheless this is the problem of oneself, be concerned with Australia?
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