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Do not waste experience of each paragraphs of life
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Do not waste experience of each paragraphs of life

Do not waste each paragraphs of life to experience, the housing that is in Sydney from me speaks of

Come over fast half an year. Should say what should suit to suit. This meantime has struggled, also had wept, had suspected, had contradicted, but now, the thing that produces in recall half an year again, oneself discover oneself become mature. Remember reading a word before, each paragraphs of experience of life won't be wasted, have feeling greatly now.

Learn English from choose abode to begin

Student of a lot of China says, live here with domestic that's all right 2 appearance. Live in the word of Ashfield, everyday what you see is a Chinese mostly, go Shopping can tell mandarin completely, those who if you are read,go to school is Accounting, can use Chinese communication completely with the classmate. If your after school time makes friend of a few China again, so live here, you need not say an English lives next well. When just beginning to come, the major that reads because of me is Accounting, I discovered this problem, then I think, I am certain cannot such, otherwise I have gone through hardships come over to read what to do? The abode that intermediary helps me search is when just beginning to come so, live in home of fellow of a spirit, although have a place expensive, 2 week hind become me
when Chinese roommate is taken away, I also was not moved, lived to come down all the time, talk things over with landlord, from inchoate $130/w/person 2 people Share, to later a person lives myself inside to hand in $100 only, I lived probably 3 months. An Indonesian Girl came in landlord home next, landlord asks whether I can hand in $80 each with her Share every week. I want to just drill anyway English, agreed. Different country culture is actually a lot of poorer really nevertheless, just hear of before, feeling, after passing when personal experience, discover difficulty.

The society learns adamancy independently

About landlord, about that Indonesian Girl, let me learn to be able to not believe others easily, do not want to rely on anybody, want to master independence, the society is firm.

What I have feeling most among this is, your English is close friends, otherwise this meeting is regarded as a weakness is used. Landlord knows I think Lian Yingwen just does not move all the time, it is your consider from everything what begin so, to later what also without giving thought to, think you won't leave in a word, because you think your English is not quite good. But tell the truth, she helped me rise really a lot of, before becoming 2 weeks so I when leaving in order to do not have for Internet, still feel very hate to part with. After all, when I am pulling 2 big cases friendlessly to reach Sydney airport, it is she drives will receive me, with respect to this one bagatelle, enough lets me cherish appreciative heart to remember her, where to go to later no matter, much further from her. Although she is her interest later,concealed to me on chummage a lot of, but the weakness that this is human nature, everybody can have when making such mistakes, so I all the time dissimulate, till later I am taken away, I also did not tell her all the time, I know she wants to receive different house fund to I and that Indonesian Girl, come here 2 years because of that girl, it is understanding of pair of house cash prices, 2 it is English better than me, landlord can let the ground that she leaves all the time without what, want to receive her less to choose fund so, receive me to choose fund more, leave her so. Funny is Indonesian girl told me everything, begin me furious also, the feeling was cheated, because of oneself special all the time ground trusts landlord, after calm, what think her again is good, do not feel what, just tell oneself, do not believe one easily, begin to consider moving issue next.
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