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Teacher of Lin Hong chant talks about Sydney to hire room experience
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Went to Sydney, be about to solve the problem of housing. Live satisfaction is cozily, ability has enough energy and enthusiasm learn and work quite. No matter be to shack in the friend or of kin home, hire hall of residence, still experienced Homestay of period of time, considering from the school and the issue of far and near that make building site nod, and particular case of the individual, the student studying abroad of great majority can begin him lease a building.

General component is the house of Sydney 3 kinds, house (independent house) , unit (unit building) , apartment (block of flats) . Apartment is similar to country's common housing, floor is in 5 or above, have elevator, inside the building clean and neat, security personnel establishment is all ready, the condition is advantageous, better return stock gym, the swimming-pool, but chummage is more expensive, the chummage of a room is in $220 above is weekly. Unit also makes unit building, control in three-layer commonly, without elevator, the condition although not as good as block of flats, but to average student, had compared advantageous. Chummage is medium, in $150~$250 every week. House is the condition is a bit poor, it is board room, go to two for more, chummage is the cheapest, colder in the winter. In Australia, winter use central heating is the thing of report of a special fee, because charge of electricity is more expensive, if rent includes charge of electricity, the charge that landlord can ask lodger share increases as a result of use central heating.

The house has belt furniture and do not take furniture two kinds. Just arrived Australian student studying abroad apt leases furnished building, because go to the lavatory, and need not spread out charge of electricity paying water and every months of phone opportunity cost. And the student that grows of purpose can choose to rent next whole houses with intermediary, oneself purchase furniture, namely normally native place says " Take " . Every such months besides chummage, even telephone bill of charge of electricity of him burden water, phone and network fee. But this kind of means is deeply welcome in the student studying abroad, it is exceedingly cheap that because the appropriate home in place is secondhand perhaps,the market purchases furniture. OK after Take leaves whole room among them room, sitting room even parking space re-lease goes out, let bear the charge with the person corresponding share that hire. If the design is reasonable, can be oneself room charge change a gain.
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