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Australian life skill arrives first
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Australian life skill arrives first

Meet newly to Australian person discovery, the bank here, post-office on the weekend a lot of do not open the door, you still cannot find the business room of telegraphic bureau, revenue, and, more annoying is, after you go to work you can discover, your working hours is as same as these branches, after coming off work, can come home only.

But have a bit very good, "Food supermarket " open the door time is quite long, normally early 7: 00 open the door, lockup inspects you to the area that stays in differs and differ, a few for 22: 00 close, a few 24: 00 close, still have a few round-the-clock 24 hours do business.

Face, such situation, how should you do? I teach you skill of a few lives below.

If want to send common letter, the mailbox that can put in everywhere to see can, otherwise, can go in business hours only post office is dealt with.

To the bank, besides when opening an account, go surely, normally you do not need to visit. The attention files order of keep books of a net.

Access a paragraph, seek opportunity of an automatic drawing can, see well, have a few machines can drawing, still a few machines access a paragraph to go. Limitation extraction a money inspects a bank and decide, normally the largest specified number extraction a money is A$1000 inside a day yuan, want to read the regulation of the account that concerns you seriously, a few banks inspect you every months to take the time of the paragraph, differ somewhat on accrual; Exceed the number extraction a money of bank regulation every months, can be collected fees.

You still can use a bank to block the drawing when paying in the supermarket (Cash Out) , do not pay poundage.

Every bank sets telephone call of 24 hours of services, if your bank can help you pay of all kinds bill, you can call at any time pay. You also can use Internet to transfer accounts service, lose check, can report a case to the security authorities instantly, inside general 2-7 day, can get new card.

Normally working hours is advisory phone 8: 00- - 20: 00.

How to pay of all kinds bill (phone, gas, electric power, safe, get online, membership fee is waited a moment, if a few bill are delayed in delivery, can add additionally collect fees) . The orgnaization that basically should pay offers a variety of paying the bill way (detailed payment, consult please your bill) .

1, 24 hours pay the bill the phone serves- - Credit Card, cheque/saving Account;
2, go directly post office or nominated bank;
3, send check;
4, the simplest method is application pay on the net, the bank that opens in you applies for the bank on the net. A lot of home comer always think on the net insecure, dare not use system of the bank on the net. The bank on the net is actually much safer than card of your use VISA. You have special bank account and code.

The bank on use net enters his bank account, the choice pays the bill (BILL) , information pays on the network that input bill provides (BILL CORD and user number) , your payment counts reintroduce, refer next. Your task was finished, 9 minutes can pay a bill! The time that leave out goes into the street, pay at any time, do not have poundage again.
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