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Go to flower bay study abroad Yasaimen cage goes up spoken language still is Chi
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Go to flower bay study abroad Yasaimen cage goes up spoken language still is Chinese examinee most weak sports

Go to the country such as England, Australia, Canada to study abroad, elegant ponder over minute of doorsill to go up gradually. On June 15, yasainian shows the throughout the country fully on meeting Wuhan station this one information. Yasaipei example expert says frankly, spoken language still is Chinese examinee most weak sports.

Elegant think of an exam to study the expert was forecasted elegant this year consider a trend. According to introducing, nearly two years, british part college is right elegant corrector requirement unplugs gradually tall, among them the business school is offerred except the requirement elegant outside considering success, still need examinee to attend GMAT exam. The Master enter a school of British majority college asks to be at least elegant think of 6.5 minutes; Rank the college before leaning individually, of requirement examinee elegant think of in 7 minutes of above.

To Yasaimen except British college cage rises outside, australia is elegant think of a doorsill to also go up gradually. Australia is ranked relatively the college before leaning, elegant pondered over cent to already rose 0.5 minutes.

Listen, say, read, in writing 4, spoken language still is Chinese examinee notchs most weak sports. Gu Rehan says, in spoken language refine grading to go up, pronunciation, syntactic, language is logistic 3, chinese examinee spoken language notchs main low go up in language logic, the foreigner is linear thinking, need examinee gives out direct " YES " or " NO " , and problem of Chinese examinee answer is circuitous screw type more, say a phenomenon first, express a reason again, final ability answers a manner. Below this kind of circumstance, elegant ponder over an official to often give a mark not tall.

Elegant consider expert proposal, in the light of elegant think of colloquial test, examinee mights as well undertake special subject type trains more, read the of all kinds article that releases on website of government of a few England more, let thinking " westernize " .

According to saying, the whole world is elegant 2007 in pondering over unripe equational pop chart, china is reciprocal the 3rd, a couplet chief of a tribe and Saudi Arabia mark list name of reciprocal just a little.

Origin: Wuhan morning paper