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Yasaidi divides skill: Insist to browse English news website
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The whole world is elegant think of exam a list of names posted up to show: Chinese examinee is elegant think of exam spoken language average grade pays a copy in each country rank. Want to change the condition of on the low side of level of Chinese examinee spoken language, elegant think of exam expert to suggest --

"Chinese examinee is elegant think of average score whole world to discharge penult, under Japan and Korea, it is only before A couplet chief of a tribe. It is only before A couplet chief of a tribe..
The whole world is elegant think of exam a list of names posted up to show. To this, expert analysis, read the strong point that is Chinese examinee, it is audition, writing next, spoken language is the weakest, and " write " and " say " just is English use a part. This shows, on English education existence is short of break, most student unified exam won't be used.

Current situation spoken language is Chinese examinee soft costal region

The expert expresses, from Chinese examinee of 4 achievement quite and average grade is in spoken language in light of bottom of the mat in each country rank, spoken language is a of Chinese examinee soft costal region really. Although Chinese English teachs more and more serious seeing and hearing to say ability, intercourse pedagogy is more and more popular also, the colloquial level of Chinese English learner still is to rise slow, without too big improvement.

"Listening, say, read, those who keep 4 fields is elegant in pondering over a problem, spoken language is great majority examinee ' lame person ' . For ' lame person ' help up forcibly, even many students adopt dead back model essay to be opposite in order to answer. Even many students adopt dead back model essay to be opposite in order to answer..

If examinee says stutteringly " Chinese type English " , spoken language notchs the likelihood is controlled in 3.5 minutes, but once discover examinee becomes a model essay of paragraphs of big back,take an examination of an official, oral achievement is in 3 minutes for certain the following, lower even.

Yo of the state religion in the reason lacks speech ability to groom

The cause that causes this kind of result has a lot of, have big environment side, also have side of specific English study method. Sheet is elegant think of spoken language to take an exam and character, examinee cannot complete an exam well the requirement of 4 big standards of grading, brought about colloquial achievement directly undoubtedly not ideal. Be in elegant in thinking of spoken language to take an exam, what the move that take an examination of an official inspects examinee spoken language to convey again is fluent spend and of continuity, vocabulary use, syntactic use and speech, and these 4 respects are nodded almost in of our China examinee " dead acupuncture point " .

Chinese education lacks the requirement of pair of communal speech ability in system, the student lacks the experience that expresses him point of view continuously; The vocabulary is remembered too depend on mechanical recital, the exact implication that does not understand a word and use method; Syntactic respect is go from bad to worse more, encounter tense and sexual distinction wrong 100; The problem unlike of speech respect is other 3 so outstanding, but as a result of at ordinary times dehisce is less, word accent holds easily forbid, dialect suffers Chinese the impact is bigger.
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