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7 years of Yasaiji plinth and skill pay equal attention to
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Elegant the actual application ability that considers an exam to pay attention to antonym character very much checks, this one characteristic shows with respect to sufficient body in the exam 2006 elegant think of a teacher to point out, 2007 elegant think of an exam to be in audition, read, writing and spoken language 4 big board piece in the demand to language foundation is very high.

2007 elegant more academic setting will appear in thinking of audition to take an exam, include to use plant research, environmental research, a few scientific research such as archaeology research kind; And length and difficulty will mix the article that reads an exam to kept consistent 2006; But the topic category of the article will involve science and social science further two kinds big; The form that the exam form that writes an exam and examination questions or cent write a composition for two sections volume appears, but can deepen in the difficulty on content; The topic limits that spoken language takes an exam will expand further Handicraft, workof Art, animal/pet, vehicle, historic Building.

In skill respect, the commonnest language skill is Phrasing (synonymous explanation) , what this skill reflects is language changeover ability. The 2nd skill is skill of sentence pattern changeover. Additional, on the base that increases the gift of tongues, audition, read, the relevant exam skill of writing, spoken language and should try strategy to want union to use. Cannot rely on exam skill merely absolutely and of oversight language foundation rise.