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The person that download oneself from becomes a learner
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The advantage of English study need not say more, as the drawing near that enters world and Olympic Games, learned English to had become full screen term to move. For convenient and broad netizen, or the temptation of a variety of interests, all sorts of English websites also emerge as the times require. When the construction of network English and the like a raging fire that develop to undertaking, bacchic in, tie-in English learns this crock beautiful wine, it is a bottle of bane that is called data download unexpectedly, worse is, beautiful wine and bane had been gone to by fill same in the cup, one integrated mass, call a person to walk into hell insensibly in Chang Meizhong.

Simple setting, convenient software, the communication of the transmission that FTP gives a data and individual data opened a entrance door. From this year the beginning of the year the more of each big forum communication is study result, arrive between one night, download became what forum person enrages to collect force, each stationmaster of big forum also pulls FTP in succession, open download, mottled bamboo also is to should English level can solve doubt to everybody no longer, want to be able to provide a large number of data only, want to be able to open FTP only, it is guest of honour. The material of whose home is much, whose home is bustling. And the column of English of study of fine fine communication has person make inquires rarely. How many person rises truly? Now and then the person that regain consciousness raises this question, also be wanted by me, the download clamour place that I want is flooded.

Speak of from myself first, the active dreamer of an English study also is before I did not learn English, because I know to say,fluent English can bring him how many profit, plunge into directly so took a network. Just came to English kind when the website, was to enter heaven simply, see a lot of people can use English to send a card, data of a lot of high-quality goods in the card, then begin mad download to collect a data, abandoned the habit that bought material of pilfer edition English in the past, one quarter dishes of Zhang Zhang, there should be the sort of contented move when charging tray of about a hundred pieces of English endowment in the hand, was like oneself to had mastered English, did download half an year to go more so. One day fierce bout head, discover oneself dish of bag besides heavy summit summit, full hard disk, to English I still am penniless. Need not say politely, include oneself inside the person of English of mass online study still is the person that imagine, a lot of people are English very poor, but Dou Meng is wanting to be able to capture English. Then an odd group appeared, this produces in actual life often also. Begin to search shortcut, begin to study Li Yang is good, new still east is good, or Zhong Daolong is good. Each learns a few days, feel bad next, bad reason gets effective namely slow, search again next. Then download gave such person to imagine a space, see stationmaster mottled bamboo sends a card to say this software is good today, also see come to an agreement or understanding of a lot of people, that hastens download comes down, downloading among, see another card again, person energy of life is very, that also should download a little while, is bad thing person morale high?
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