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Studying in Australia Q & A: Why immigration will be able to choose profession
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Q: My child read this year, High School, originally planned to study in Australia and eventually immigration, but the new SOL career list after the introduction of choice of profession we are distressed, is not to select a new professional career table, you can really the stay? There are other ways to make our choice? A: New immigrants in Australia have been put career list for several days. If students want to study vocational courses have not in this table, but want to stay in Australia, may wish to consider an application by the state government or the employer guarantees to achieve this desire. For example, in the Northern Territory, Charles Darwin University is where the main educational institutions, and government guarantees for international students. Charles Darwin University, all international students studying at least two years, as long as the completion of the degree, diploma or technical certificate programs, and have learned a list of professions in the Northern Territory or immigration professional career list, can apply for permanent residency visa. Applicants meet the above qualifications may apply for the Northern Territory government guarantees apply for permanent residency visa. In addition, any international students successfully completed the required courses can apply for temporary visas secured state region, the visa for 3 years, 3 years can be transferred for permanent residency.