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Australia studies abroad choice of emigrant and optimal city
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Australia studies abroad choice of emigrant and optimal city

Read a graduate student:

Australia immigrant makes component is 120 minutes, satisfy 120 minutes to emigrate namely. Home has the student of baccalaureate, do Tsinghua attestation attainable community language 5 minutes (if do not have the student of three-year institution of higher learning of baccalaureate, it is likewise OK that certificate of class of a NAATI2 is taken an examination of in Australia place get community language is divided 5 minutes) , elegant think of 4 15 minutes 6 (elegant think of 4 7 minutes to be taken an examination of very hard, so here does not make calculation) , 4 semester learn or learn two years 5 minutes, the age is less than, the word of 60 has major 60 30 15 5 5=115 of formula of the following operation, how is bank taken in these 5 minutes so. Can rely on the university of A De Leide austral the choice, university of blessing Lin Desi, south bay the remote region of the university adds cent to come true 5 minutes, emigrate smoothly, the person that also can pass the occasional when living together one year marries will get 5 minutes be addinged (but the inaccuracy that live together and marries decides an element too much, so here does not become operation)

For professional to turning student, the major that suits most includes: The accountant of business division, the IT of computer major and computer are scientific, programming language. Reason these major are relatively simple, student graduation rate is high.

Read undergraduate course:

As to chrestomathy division, do not have the community language of domestic record of formal schooling 5 minutes, 110 minutes are below coequal condition, add remote region 5 minutes, plus NAATI2 class certificate 5 minutes, 110 5 5=120, emigrate smoothly.

Additional, according to the regulation below Australia immigration office: (suit Australia any areas)
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