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[reading notes 55] in bay the bewilderment such as professional, obtain employme
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Send a parent believe------In bay the bewilderment such as professional, obtain employment, immigrant dispels misgivings approach gentleman, hello: Allow me to reply with the means of open letter please your problem, because your doubt and concern also are very much other go to bay hind the common concern of student and parent. Above all, I should congratulate you and your child, 8 classes of the first year are passed smoothly entirely not only, and the good result that obtained 2 3 HD, D, this showed a lot of issues, the most important watch understands Xiaoling to be in hard, the assiduous established direction toward oneself tries hard, and fruitful. Grow long incoming letter from you in, I feel you besides it is love of a father besides dark father, the technical level that still develops from the child did a lot of investigation to understand, it is good give advice of the child, but because be contacted after all,study abroad time is not long, the each respect situation that together with should understand is in distant Australia, the worry is very so much, summary sends a letter, you basically put forward: Requirement of professional choice, obtain employment, emigrant difficulty and the competitive actual strength that how increase oneself these 4 problems. Spreading out each talking topic can be grand piece talk greatly, here makes following returns simply: One, the problem of professional choice: Annual, 4 amount to a company to be able to recieve the student that comes from each countrywide cities, but tell the truth, the student of Shanghai is not much, this is not the problem with distant journey, however the actual strength of a few intermediary of Shanghai the difference unlike Beijing, and you can journey came to Beijing far away choose 4 amount to a company, because,be we can the method that abroad of follow the lead of locates to student major, undertake from psychology, individual character test and the many sided such as genetic, knowledge structure begin to become professional fixed position for the student, be unique for the whole nation. You consider the possibility formerly learned major and test result are same, but " test " solved come so like Xiaoling bay later, in the ceaseless investment of a large number of money, time, and below the circumstance that discovers abroad is put in competition likewise, the hesitation that the hard to avoid in the heart appears and hesitation. Because we passed scientific appraisal, so must sturdy oneself choice. If I was not misremembered, I am right at that time Xiaoling's evaluation should be: The disposition of inside and outside, read, comprehension is strong, self-communion, inside not collect, traditional, recreant, self-confident, start work capability is not strong, executive force is more than decision-making power, technical sexology be used to is strong wait a moment at practicality study. The circumstance of whole side of the professional setting of together with parents and science department is analysed, I decided science department or business slants the professional fixed position of manage, wait for the pressure of the respect considering economy, immigrant, we locate finally for the accountant. Come from individual character actually say, xiaoling more like the accountant (consult please my inspect reading notes " what kind of person suits to do CPA) , besides sometimes not quite attentive (female lack exercises Chinese singleton, almost everybody has this trouble) . And fact, xiaoling's current study success is exceedingly good, this also explained the choice of professional direction does not have a problem. On professional fixed position, ask you to write down sincerely: Did not suit most, suit more only; Decide the major that build personally without the quantity, accord with roughly only, should reach ceaseless social practice to enrich through further major study with perfect ego, in order to amount to the requirement of take office course of study. The three-year institution of higher learning that mentions as to you learns, believe you just are carried just, xiaoling does not suit the study of three-year institution of higher learning, although,should be born not quite self-confident when encountering problem and difficulty, but ideal is very actually high, more crucial be him start work ability is not very strong. Apply mechanically an adage " 360, give Number One Scholar all right all right " , but premise is to have the primary quality that makes title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination, your child has a lot of advantages on study science department, accountant, finance, but course of study three-year institution of higher learning I do not think he has an advantage. This are in at the beginning in seeking advice, we ever had talked, I denied very quickly your idea, same also now.
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