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Preparatory of international bachelor diploma (IB) course, the high school cours
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A problem that the parent of student studying abroad of our China takes seriously very much is; My child studies abroad in foreign middle school can acquire what course. There is system of course of two kinds of middle schools in Australia, native land course and IB course, these two kinds of systems get used to the demand of different type student. This period I introduce IB course first.

IB course at going up 60 time are in the century below the program guidance of U.N. Educational, by educational expert group is considered to be made, will a few years had popularized a whole world. At present IB organizes headquarters to be set in the Geneva of Swiss famous city that U.N. orgnaization gathers, its course and test center establish the husband that at British Cambria metropolis adds. IB diploma is the world contains the high school diploma with highest Troy acceptedly, have the advantage of many sided. Incorporate is in:

The first, IB course organizes IBO direct attestation and management by IB. This organization wants to undertake be assessmented strictly mixing to applying for to open the middle school of IB course attestation, only the soft hardware of the school achieves the standard ability of IBO to teach this course. IB organization still can is opposite 5 every years widely the school of an accredit undertakes be assessmented again. Say so, the condition such as establishment of the force of persons qualified to teach of IB school, level of management, education all passed what international authority teachs an administration to approbate, be worth reliance.

The 2nd, the academic level of IB course is high. The study difficulty of IB each division is greater, english demand is high, exercise amount is large, write the professional paper of 4000 words above even when graduation, because this suits height of outstanding learning of challenge of high school student. The academic level of IB course is on the IB that Australian Ministry of Education releases every year after the university entrance exam and watch of convert of achievement of the university entrance exam of native land course got be reflectinged adequately. With the achievement of Melbourne was 2005 exemple:
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