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Tall last year 3 graduate study abroad one > of < of series of pay a return visi
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Tall last year 3 graduate study abroad < of series of pay a return visit one>4 amount to Australia to study abroad a high advisory teacher: Zhu Ya of Wu Fangzhou is a very outstanding child, be graduated from major of project of biology of Hunan Normal University, average branch achieves 88 minutes, the OFFER that I apply for to her at that time and took colleges of two 5 stars class (Australia state-maintaineding university and Melbourne university) . The person of circumstance of familiar Australia university can understand Australian state-maintaineding university is by the famousest Australian book scientist after World War II group offer, via Australian federal parliamentary legislation is approved especially those who build, it is Australia is exclusive federally university, have complete bay power of the greatest persons qualified to teach, the teacher of 78% has doctorate, far outclass is Australian the college is average the scale of 50% . Because wish Ya he have,read rich and the opinion that continue to take advanced courses, still chose Australia finally to rank top university so, Australia state-maintaineding university. Feel very pretty good into the Zhu Ya after school, there is student of she is one China only inside class, every student has his desk, although course is COURSEWORK, but whole education environment and form special resemble RESEARCH. Contacted mom wishing Ya a few days ago, the lesson that is informed her near future is busier, during the exam pardonable also, bless this outstanding child! Sun Ran reads major of project of material of college of industry of Yu Wuhan grain, decided the project project that should apply for Melbourne university manages major at that time, requirement of 211 universities application is equational 75 minutes, but what calculated all course when chronometer is equational be 75 less than, to do not make invalid application, the possibility that I help him followed the school to affirm application to OFFER has how old, school reply is basic and OK admit, a many month after submitting application took OFFER really, the ink stick that visa takes to hurry off to him to dream namely later is big, contacted him busy recently, learn pressure or some, but absolutely can payable comes down. It is he discovers the word that cannot emigrate now only, in local obtain employment not quite easy, although go abroad before saying is the issue that did not consider immigrant, begin to have this intention again it seems that now, I should provide his a few information about immigrant naturally. Here I also emphasize again, domestic project is graduate, want to get the possibility of attestation of Australian engineer association is not, but the operation rises to be bothered a bit it seems that, should supply domestic project (interpreter) and report, the application data such as two papers of abroad, material information can go inquiry of website of Australia engineer association. And if do not have the word of engineer association attestation,be to take those who be less than a profession to evaluate 60 minutes, so I suggest he himself can prepare the data that these attestation need, try attestation, cough up is no problem if succeeding, it is good that unsuccessful word reads a course of 60 minutes of majors with respect to reelection, also bless very marvellous Sun Ran, hope his emigrant road can successful. Liu Lu is a child that lets a person be at ease all the time, it is the sort of father although mom is far in home, can be free from anxiety it is good to wait for him to bring back the child of the message, high school moment with respect to achievement exceedingly good, that him interest is preparing recumbent the university entrance exam elegant think of an exam, took total fraction finally 6.5, and individual event still has good result of 7 minutes, this is born in high school in the center very scarce. Actually I do not recommend a student to go to Mai Kaorui university, although the business division major of this university is very strong, but the Chinese of Sydney is really too much, and the Chinese student proportion of this school is very large also, this means language environment very bad, in addition the curricular difficulty of Mai Kaorui university also is well-known. Can but Liu Lu goes Maikaorui or very let a person be at ease, on one hand his English foundation is first-rate, want oneself to create environment of a bit language a little to oneself only, the language raises a respect to won't have too big problem; His study foundation and study habit are very good on the other hand, curricular difficulty of Mai Kaorui also is OK to him payable. Although such, although mark of He Yasai of mark of the university entrance exam is already complete what read Maikaorui continuously is big one, I still suggest he can pass the study of the quick course of SIBT, what after suiting, reentrance wheat takes an examination of luck is big 2 course, the transition that a year such having period will rise English and get used to Australia study means, the bachelor's degree that also can take wheat finally to take an examination of lucky university and do not affect immigrant. The think of a way that the fact proves me is right, the result of his the first semester is very right, one division of 3 divisions HD D (standards of grading, 50 minutes of above are PASS is passed, 60 minutes of above are CREDIT, 70 minutes of above are DISTINCTION, 80 above are HIGH DISTINCTION) , expect he brings more good news to me!

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