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[reading notes 54] study abroad, why to imagine with mine different
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Study abroad, why to imagine with mine different

Before a few weeks went offspringing province, visited a certain number of schools, visited a few little girls, still have my nephew among them. In the discovery in visitting, come bay small student studying abroad, feel disappointed for the most part, partial student feels indignant even: "My intermediary cheated me " ! This kind of mood I am early witting, I put in it 's charge to reach the designated position to do not seek advice all the time, understanding causes not quite, but the nephew till me (by me the plan seeks advice) when also having the same feeling, caused my attention, and at this point the problem became knowledge of a few interviews, form a viewpoint to be as follows:
One, before going abroad too beautification student studying abroad is vivid

Small student studying abroad (first high school student) , because seek more ambitious career,be no matter, still have no way out goes abroad, have a wrong idea: Foreign study is more relaxed than China, foreign life compares China be close friends, holding relaxed thought in the arms to come, no matter why be planted,the study of degree asks, to can feeling have pressure for them. Because they and local student have,more than 10 years the difference of English study wants to drive.

2, the mistake of student parent guiding ideology

The parent is the first teacher of the student, be in studying abroad also is such on the road, any moods reveal the influence with deep metropolis to teaching the child, major parent hopes everything can success will come when conditions are ripe: Lodging family wants fine to my child understand without being told to consider, the language that school teacher wants to be able to make allowances for our child is illogical reach be unfamiliar with the place and the people, classmate is best can affable kind side our child, Australia is allegedly can admit most with included society...

And the fact is: Lodging family more is responsibility and obligation----Then a lot of more regulation and homiletic, and a few less warmth; The school has on 1000 students to want to manage, have the demand of final proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade----Have unified demand only then, and without give the wrongdoer a way out; The classmate gets along is to should have collective topic above all, have communication capacity, and they are mixed your child with age it is more mature to be not had play method----If the child is not active,go then shirt-sleeve, won't somebody communicates actively with you; And the society is do in Rome as Rome does, survival of the fittest more to your requirement, your department part is other kind, the society also cannot include.

So, first and the state of mind that does not say the child studies abroad how, be like the parent the state of mind with good neither one, the problem is encountered after going abroad, do not have a problem to also can feel disappointed even.
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