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Most 5 popular universities compare the Australia that suffers Chinese high scho
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Most 5 popular universities compare the Australia that suffers Chinese high school to give birth to favour in the round 4 amount to study abroad - Australia studies abroad the center is high advisory teacher: Egg?010-85271133 The portion undertook in Australia the school of half month visits by a definite date in April 2008. In be visited this, to Australia 5 IBT schools of the city were made relatively detailed make an on-the-spot investigation. These 5 schools are respectively: Gelifeisi university (Griffith University)---Wheat of QIBT takes an examination of lucky university (Macquarie University)---SIBT enlighten agree university (Deakin University)---South MIBT bay university (University Of South Australia)---University of Si Kewen of SAIBT Ai Di (Edith Cowan University)---PIBT as in last few years, study abroad Australia warms up gradually, of major of Australian businessman division increasingly hot, IBT, invite more high school graduation and high school are reading student and parent place to be understanding. Several years are lain between when, the condition that these 5 universities develop at present how? How should we choose as student and parent? Because of Maikaorui the university ranks 100 strong schools of world, we " do not beg without him " ? According to old advisory experience, the chooses the school coefficient that I consult need is arranged make 5 schools in order to contrast. Comparative result also is make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot according to mine, student feedback and old working experience are accumulated. Emphasize an analysis at present the advantage of each schools and problem. Referenced coefficient case Lifeisi universityQIBT Wheat takes an examination of lucky universitySIBT Enlighten agree universityMIBT South bay universitySAIBT Ai Di Sikewen universityPIBT 1 suits what kind of student 1. Hotel travel runs professional student 2. Suit to like humidity big annual average air temperature is higher 3. The student that is brought up in domestic south 4. Like life rhythm to compare Slow 5. Undergraduate course likes to learn to design kind of course 6. Opposite content science and project kind course is interested but do not want to read preparatory 1. Self-study capability is stronger 2. Fight pressure capability is stronger 3. Language foundation is better 4. Want to calculate in accountant, finance, essence wait for a domain to become professional public figure 5. Medium course 1. Hope school has better campus environment 2. Pressure of business division course is not great but professional very strong 3. Curricular real expense is high 4. Be interested scientificly to health but do not want to read preparatory 5. To game graph the design is interested but do not want to read preparatory 1. The university is omnibus the strongest 2. Leave tuition to use lowest 3. Education equipment is advanced 4. Major of basic and all undergraduate course can rise through IBT big 2 5. Campus environment and safe safeguard most reach the designated position 6. Business division / the computer / healthy science / education is professional 1. Campus environment is optimal 2. Education equipment is the most advanced 3. Medium major is very mature, professional the strongest 4. The public house that has independence runs kitchen of professional exercitation dining-room 5. Like Chinese student studying abroad less, price of better 2 sex compares language environment ★ of ★ ★ ★
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