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Aspects of the Australian study into the Australian
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"Overseas Student Health Cover" (Overseas Student Health Cover-OSHC) for study in Australia you pay for any necessary medical expenses during the period and most of the delivery of drugs and ambulance costs. However, the "overseas student health insurance" does not include dental, ophthalmology and physical therapy costs. So you better do before leaving a full medical and dental checks, and carry a small amount of eye care supplies and essential drugs. Overseas students also read the relevant provisions of health insurance. Student Rights and Security Australian Education, Science and Training has developed "the ESOS Act (ESOS) 2000" and other relevant laws and regulations, as overseas students for standardized education and training services. Enactment of the bill is to provide tuition to overseas students and funding to protect their legitimate rights and interests. "ESOS Act Services Act (ESOS) 2000" requires educational institutions to provide assistance and guidance in all aspects, handle complaints, provide information and advisory services, including accommodation and the provision of personal safety advice to help overseas students in Australia to adapt learning and life, eventually complete their studies. All approved to provide educational services to overseas students must meet the relevant standards bodies, including the necessary facilities and venues, and by the departments concerned to inspect compliance with the relevant health and safety standards. Australian Federal Government and state / territory governments, to recruit overseas students for international educational institutions and other service agencies to work together to ensure that the relevant (academic, life and psychological) are all in place measures to protect the interests of young students. Meanwhile, for young people under 18 years of the new guardianship provisions is also available. Australia is recognized as safe and friendly country, which is why many students choose to study in Australia, one of the reasons. However, Chinese students may still encounter some problems, especially the first time away from home for those students who, following are some issues to note: Law students in educational institutions have the responsibility to provide all the necessary help and advice. That is, if students in learning, life, or economic difficulties, they can consult counselors, or from them (by their description) for other channels to obtain the appropriate advice and assistance. Just arrived students in a new country can sometimes feel lonely and homesick, some unscrupulous people will take advantage of to lure students to do some illegal and inappropriate things. Students who felt the situation was wrong, then, should schools, organizations or persons for comments. Those actively involved in curricular and extracurricular activities (such as participation in sports, cultural or collective activities, or even legitimate part-time work) of the students studying in Australia generally experiences will leave a good memory. If you can familiar with the local laws, rules and customs is a good thing. For example, students should note that the traffic rules in Australia and China have many differences. This is closely related to the safety of students. Again, students should avoid going out alone at night, avoid carrying or showing a lot of cash. If something happens to go out for some time, be sure to let my friends know. Also, if the words of poor swimming skills, swimming in the sea or river to be especially careful. Most overseas students studying in Australia to study in Australia can enjoy happy hour. Meanwhile, for everyone, with little knowledge of life is beneficial.