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Adjustment of immigration policy in Australia to study the degree to increase
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Recently, the Australian Education Minister visited China, said Christopher Evans, the Australian study proposed a series of favorable policies to attract Chinese students to study in Australia. Australian students tend to strict review by the visa, guaranteed amount increases, visas and other factors too long, resulting in the loss of some students. In this regard, the Australian government is expected to adjust the deposit system to study, to take similar UK security deposit only way to pay a year. If the student's application materials can fully prove their financial capacity, will also reduce the amount of the guarantee may be appropriate. In addition, Australia is expected to shorten the time of the visa. Meanwhile, the Australian immigration system for skilled immigrants and immigration rate were adjusted score again. Beijing official travel industry association, said the second Secretary-General, the scoring change, reflected in several ways. The biggest change is one of various types of uniform visas set to score 65 points, and the cancellation of the nominated occupation Points, as long as the occupation nominated by the applicant in the "Skilled Occupation List (SOL)" can be. In addition, IELTS requirements, plus the age, length of service of bonus has also been adjusted accordingly. According to the Australian immigration Bureau official requirements, the new scoring system will be July 1, 2011 started. The applicant intends to migrate to Australia, the old and new scores can be in control conditions, decided to submit an immigration application for a specific time.