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Survey: India Australia to study sharp drop in the amount of consultation the C
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According to Australia, "Sing Tao Daily" report, a leading direct data, the Indian students to study in Australia declined by more than 15% of the query, but the increase in China's query, which is Australia's international education market is a mixed message. 43% of overseas students in Australia come from China and India, which are from China, 140,009 thousand, from India has 110,007 thousand. Study, one of the largest inquiries HOBSONS ASIA-PACIFIC forecast the day before, in 2010 overseas students enrolled in the universities "no net increase" or substantially flat. HOBSONS managing director of Halin Dun (DAVID HARRINGTON), said inquiries from India plunged more than 50%, but rose in other markets queries, especially queries from China rose 15%. He said that, in general, graduate students a more positive sign that the market will benefit. To study the country's largest private one NAVITAS GROUP agency have come to similar views. It is for you to help students enrolled in universities increased by 10%. NAVITAS recently announced its third semester of enrollment agent (October to February) students increased by 21%. However, it is a difference of opinion with HOBSON that Chinese students of double-digit growth rate will slow.